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  1. Does anyone know what became of the '49 Roadmaster soft top that was sold by Hyman Ltd. about 10 years ago? Happy Motoring, Larry
  2. A note to members, I received this note in response to my wanted ad. I am a member of many aviation and automobile clubs, and a life member of several. Not one other club I belong to will permit posting or replying in any way on a forum without being a member, AACA is the only club I know doing this, which hopefully is an oversight. I encourage members who wish to retain the integrity of the forums and classifieds with this great Club to request that AACA Membership be required before anyone can comment or post an ad. Best wishes, L
  3. That's a beauty. Not sure of the year range for the cream, but certainly a good number were made in that shade. Good question to spur some research.
  4. Thanks so much for replying. Yes, I'm afraid we're rather specific on the Sequoia Cream/red interior. There are a decent number out there, they just don't trade hands that often. Happy Motoring...
  5. Well, let us all agree that the advancement of design of these fine automobiles make for some lively discussions. All years in the automotive business are very interesting to me, and we all have our favorites. I have a few select years I enjoy the most, but all are lovely works of art and answered the need at the moment. 1949 is a pivotal year and my personal favorite for Buick, but I also adored my old 1975 Le Sabre Convertible. Like women, these automobiles all have their fine attributes.
  6. Buickborn, there is a beautiful looking 1947 Sedanette to be auctioned in Phoenix by Mecum in March. You can add to your collection.
  7. Thanks! I wished I was prepared when I saw that one at Hershey a number of years ago. Luck and timing....I am patient, but I will find something soon until the Roadmaster shows up!
  8. Thanks, but not exactly what I described. That was a publicity car, and today is a non driver, you might notice there are no interior photos. I called about it, and they think because it was displayed outside a few theaters for the movie, that's it worth a fortune. They want more than the actual main driver went for about 6 years ago! But I do thank you for the reply. There was a beauty done up 7 or 8 years ago, Hyman sold it for someone, the timing was not good for me. Any other leads appreciated.
  9. My wife ad I are looking for a restored '49 Roadmaster Convertible, does not need to be 100 pointer, but ready for touring, cream/red. Perhaps someone knows where the Roadmaster is located that was sold by Hyman Ltd a few years ago. Thanks, Larry BCA AACA Life
  10. My wife and I are looking for a restored 1949 Roadmaster convertible, cream, restored and ready for touring. Hyman Ltd had one a number of years ago, does anyone know what became of it? Happy Motoring, Larry AACA Life Member