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  1. Hi, found number two cylinder was lower on compression than the other three but the reason for lifting the engine is because when you crank it by hand it sometimes goes tight and it feels like the engine has jammed. There is no sequence to this, it is just random. You can crank the engine by hand and it turns quite freely then suddenly it will become tight and it then jams. Someone suggested it could be a broken crank or something. We are getting desperate and as we have tried everything electrical and fuel. We are now hoping to find something wrong or broken when stripping the engine.
  2. Thanks for your input. We have had Two New Coils and Two New Condensers. Have now removed the engine to strip and hopefully find an internal fault. I must say the clutch assembly is a thing to behold. My mate is 73 and worked in the trade all his life and he said he had never seen anything like it. There is one expansion spring on one of the lugs and half a spring on another, Should there be a spring on each lug and could this be the reason the car judder in reverse?
  3. Help!!!! We have a 1925 Dodge Brothers Business Sedan which has a problem, it keeps cutting out. The car will start and it will sit on the drive on tickover all day with no problem. Drive the car down the road and it seems to choke up and cut out after about three miles and always in the same place funnily. We have done everything we can think of. Cleaned carb, Drained Tank and used new petrol, Made up a new petrol tank and connected it straight to the carb, New fuel filter, Bye passed all fuel lines and blown them through with air line. Fitted new coil, condenser, points etc. Checked and regapped valve clearances. It still stops the same distance down the road as always. Someone has suggested the crank may have broken as if you remove the plugs and turn it over by the starting handle it sometimes seems to go slightly tight.It does not rattle or clonk when its turned by hand. Compression semms ok although number two cylinder seems slightly lower on compression than the other three. Can anyone think of anything obvious we may have overlooked or know of anything which may be a little unique with this engine as I am almost tearing my hair out now. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Could you give me a rough price for a motor in good running order and the cost to ship it to both UK and to Pennsylvania please. When we have an idea of the price we will give you a call. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I am trying to find an engine and transmission to fit a 1920/25 Dodge Brothers Business Sedan for a friend. The engine should be a Four Cylinder Three Bearing Crank model preferably with a Dynastart/Soft Starter and it needs to be in good running order. He would possibly consider buying a complete vehicle which can be in any condition providing the engine is a runner. We are in the UK but have experience in shipping from USA to UK or if anyone in UK has anything suitable even better. If you think you can help we would be most grateful. Many Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am new here and hoping someone will be able to help me out. I have a 1924/5 Dodge Brothers Business Sedan. I have recently broken a wiper motor spindle and I am hoping someone will suggest where I may be able to get it repaired. The wipers are vacuum operated t the moment but ideally I would like to convert them to electric. Can someone suggest which motors would be suitable and where can I purchase them please. I am situated in UK so if anyone here sells them I would be most grateful to be pointed in their direction. Also, should this car be positive or negative earth? I ask as it is very slow to turn over on the starter or is this normal for this type of vehicle. Hoping someone can help me with these queries. Thanks.
  7. I have a Dodge Brothers Business Sedan 1924/5 and I have broken the spindle on the windscreen wiper motor. It is a vacuum motor but I would like to change it to electric motors if possible. I believe electric motors are available but I am a little unsure which models to consider. I am UK based and was wondering if anyone here might be able to help me find something suitable? Any recommendations would be most welcome, especially if anyone may know of any suppliers here in UK. Also is this car Positive or Negative earth? I ask as the engine is very slow to turn over or is this normal? Thanks in advance.