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  1. Hi bigtoddl. I was looking for a Plymouth PA motor. My block was cracked and had holes in the water jacket. I have repaired it but I would be interested in another motor. Regards, Graham
  2. It is actually the shaft with gear that is driven off the camshaft, that I need.
  3. Hi Guys. Does anyone out there have a spare distributor drive shaft for a 1931 PA. I'm rebuilding and have gone and lost mine. Regards, Graham Goetze
  4. Hi again. I can now see where the pipe is fitted and where the oil feeds onto the gear teeth but I can't figure out where the oil comes from.
  5. Hi All. I'm busy assembling my PA engine and notice that there is a 3/16" threaded hole in the block between the crankshaft gear and the camshaft fibre gear. According to my instruction book this is for a pipe to lubricate the cam gear. I don't remember any pipe when we stripped the motor, also the hole doesn't seem to led anywhere. Can anyone throw any light on this subject? Thanks and a very merry Christmas to everyone. Graham
  6. Hi. I've only just seen this post now so you might have already had the info but if you haven't here are some pics of mine ( 1931 PA Coupe ).
  7. Well that didn't work. When I try to get onto the NAPA online service, all I get is 'Access Forbidden' !
  8. Thanks Tom, I'll do that. BTW I'm in Cape Town, South Africa, so might not have access to as many parts as you do.
  9. Could anyone advise me on a suitable and currently obtainable thermostat or my 1931 Plymouth PA 4-cyl.
  10. Thanks I'll have to look for one. My car didn't come with one.
  11. Thanks for that. My backing didn't have the small hole as shown in the earlier pic. Did the 1931 PA have a thermostat?
  12. Hi All. 1931 Plymouth PA : Can anyone explain why there is a large round hole in the block behind the water pump backing plate? The square hole is for coolant circulation but I don't understand the purpose of the round hole. See attached photo. Regards, Graham
  13. Sad thing is that the guy who did my basic woodwork passed on a few months ago. He copied the original pieces very well but even so I've spent man hours fitting , planing ,measuring and re-fitting.
  14. Hi. I've just seen this posting now so hope you've found a lid. I'm just putting the finishing touches to a new wood frame for my lid. It's no easy task getting it perfect. Best of luck.
  15. Hi Dave. Yes that would be fine. I As it's a coupe I need one locking drivers side and one non-locking passenger side. I also need a locking trunk handle if you have. I'd probably get you to send to a friend in S. Carolina who comes to Cape Town regularly. Whereabouts are you? My email address is grahm.goetze@telkomsa.net Regards, Graham
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