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  1. I need engine, transmission, front & rear axles, instrument cluster for 1931 CD8 Chrysler. dpcdfan please take contact with me for these parts. If someone have these parts, please take contact with me too. miguel.1967.acuario@gmail.com
  2. I need Engine, Transmission, Front Axle, Rear axle, Steering box and these all parts for instrument cluster, 1931 Chrysler CD8 Take contact with me please.
  3. Hi Bill. Do you still have some parts for Hudson? I will be waiting for your information Thank you so much. Miguel Aravena. Santiago of Chile
  4. Hello. Do you still have these Essex parts? I'll be attentive to your response Thank you so much. Miguel Aravena Santiago of Chile.
  5. Hi, still you have this carburetor? Please, answer me as soon as possible at my email miguel.1967.acuario@gmail.com Send me pictures if it is possible Thank you Miguel
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