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  1. FYI: I bought out a parts store to get the bearings I needed to rebuild my '36 DeSoto Airflow 6. I've since sold all the remaining main bearings, but I have some rod sets left. This engine was made from '34-'36, and nothing interchanges with the very popular '37 up MoPaR 6's. It's not impossible, but it's expensive. Good Luck Steve
  2. I'm not comfortable spilling the beans, so you'll have to read it for yourself. This ad was posted in the Nov/Dec Airflow Newsletter by the previous owner. Still not a bad deal. Have a nice day Steve
  3. The ad seems to be missing an important detail which was included in the Nov/Dec Airflow Newsletter ad.
  4. I have a '56 DeSoto with the same body shell. I decided to fix it for sentimental reasons, otherwise it wouldn't have been worth the effort. There are inner and outer rocker panels that will need to be replaced, and 3 layers of steel from the door back to the wheel opening which are all rotted out. Lots and lots of work. Here's an excerpt from "Rustoration" which I wrote up for DeSotoland some years ago. http://desotoland.com/~desoto/degarage/rustoration/part3.shtml
  5. It looks great with no cracks. The blue wheels turned to green with age. I've got the same wheel in my '55 Firedome convertible. Have a Happy New Year! Steve
  6. It is very hard to find an original 1 color '56 DeSoto, but here's one from the movie "Vertigo." It's a Firedome Sportsman. BTW, the color sweep on two-tone '56 DeSoto's is a metal insert on the doors and front fenders. The rear quarters are painted sweep and base color. On my '56 Fireflite Sportsman, the rear quarters were painted with the sweep color, and then sprayed over with the base color. Have a Happy New Year! Steve
  7. The "colorsweep" was not standard on '55 DeSoto's regardless of model. It's nice to see a non-colorsweep 55 DeSoto once in a while. I think the side trim is more attractive than the colorsweep two-tone lower body trim. '56 DeSoto's had different side trim for Firedome and Fireflite models with the Fireflite being wider and more ornate. '56 cars used the same colorsweep side trim even if not two tone.
  8. For the asking price, this should be a tested, steaming, and driving car. 2 Cents worth! Steve
  9. Having grown up working in a Chrysler dealer in MN, I can guarantee that the rust is ALWAYS worse than it looks.
  10. If you're interested in selling, I'm interested in buying! Of course that depends on price, location, and condition.
  11. Looks like it has a Powerflite transmission instead of fluid drive. This is a good thing. FYI Steve
  12. The switch in question appears to be the ignition switch. What is the purpose/use of the day, on, night positions? https://s35.wheelsage.org/format/picture/picture-preview-large/l/locomobile/model_48_roadster_by_merrimac/locomobile_model_48_roadster_by_merrimac_68.jpg
  13. I have a '56 Fireflite Sportsman, and had a '56 Firedome Sportsman. DeSoto offered the following hardtops in '56: Firedome Seville: Bottom trim level hardtop, 2 or 4 door. 2 barrel 330 engine, stick, stick with O/D, or Powerflite. Firedome Sportsman: Higher trim level than the Seville, but still a Firedome, 2 or 4 door, same drive train. Fireflite Sportsman: Top of the line, 330 4 barrel engine 255 HP, available with Powerflite only. Distinctive headlight rings, fender top trim, wider side trim, leather and cloth upholstery etc. 2 or 4 doors. I'd hold out for the Fireflite
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