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  1. Description For sale 1939 Chrysler Royale. All parts are there, including badges. Solid body and frame. Motor is free. Have ownership. Available for viewing by appointment. Email for info. Asking 3500.00, will consider trade for ATV. Short answer: No
  2. Could you please tell me the difference between the phaeton and the touring? Thanks Steve
  3. Judging by your signature, you have a shortage of DeSoto's, and a GLUT of Kissels. You need to keep the DeSoto and sell off those excess Kissels.
  4. The floors in a '34 Airflow are wood. The top is a fabric insert over a wood frame as typical for that era. The fender skirts and spare tire cover are not hard to find. I can put you in contact with a fellow who has tons of parts.
  5. Airflow, love them or hate them! I love them. Most '34 sedans did not have a built-in trunk. The Airflow sedan gained a built-in trunk in '36. The 34 + 35 Airflow did have an optional trunk rack. All Airflow coupes had a trunk-like spare time compartment. I think the number one reason for poor Airflow sales was the cost. In fact, the '35 DeSoto Airflow cost fifty% more that the very similar DeSoto Airstream, and 3X the cost of Fords or Chevys. This was in the depths of the depression and money was tight.
  6. Looks like a great deal! You could lift one of the seat cushions and look at the backing of the material and see if it is vinyl or leather.
  7. Hey Dude! I'm on top of Poverty Ridge south of Berea.
  8. I recommend you put it on ebay. Start it low with no reserve, or a reserve around half your current asking price. Don't limit sales to US! Best money will be out of northern Europe. Make sure you post lots of pictures. Don't include your estimate of value. That's a turn-off for many folks. Good Luck! Steve
  9. What is the contraption left of the steering wheel with knobs and levers and 2 stout looking tubular mounts?
  10. "Copper Cooled Chevrolet" must be extremely rare.
  11. FYI: This is, in fact, a "Custom Imperial" which is considered a 'full classic' by the ccca. This is a rare car. Not Mine! Steve
  12. I suggest that the inline fuel filter be properly secured before driving it any distance.