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  1. I'm not sure which car you remember. Frank kept the car on his property in town. But they did make it to the airport show a couple times.
  2. Yes, that black drop front was prolific in attendance. It now resides in Australia. Ours, once located in North Brookfield, didnt get beyond small local shows before the late 70s.
  3. We're restoring our Grout, now second generation owned. It was completely original when my father-in-law bought it from Harry Hopewell. Had a few repairs and a different engine in in 1980 - to complete the London to Brighton run, and the start of a bigger boiler put in in 2010 when a deep sway back was discovered. I guess it is to be expected after more than 100 years and a solid wood frame and body. The picture is the car pre-restoration. We are far along on the mechanical part but I've run into some back story problems, mostly that almost everyone who was directly involved with this car from
  4. Looking for that specific issue thanks to a mention in The Sunday Republican 12/14/1980. Any leads are a help.
  5. It's gonna need a mechanical overhaul. Boilers last abt 20-30 years. Seals dry out and crack. We're in the middle of a full restoration of our 03 now.
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