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  1. Anyone with a good condition trunk for a black '32 Model 86?
  2. I took our '32 Model 86 Victoria out tonight. Strangest thing happened; never experienced this before (of course, this '32 is the first classic car we've ever owned) so I'm hoping to find some answers here. I was traveling around 35-40 mph and hit a small pothole in the road. The steering began shaking left and right. I hesitate to use the word "severe" but it wasn't just a little shimmy. I put some pressure on the wheel trying to stabilize it but found that applying the brake was ultimately what stopped it. I hit a few other bumps and potholes coming back home and it didn't happen again. Wasn't sure if this normal every once in a while or if it represented a bigger problem (tie rod end, etc). Any help would be appreciated. If you have questions to help isolate the issue, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. As this is our first classic Pre-War car, I'm still learning.
  3. Thank you for the reply. Sending a message to you.
  4. And Jim, I just want to clarify: this drip is happening when the car is not running and when it had cooled down. That is when we should expect a drop like this?
  5. This has been great info guys. Is there a good resource for me to learn more about the packing nut and coolant flow? I'm new to car engines and maintenance and would like to learn more about how the coolant flow and packing nuts function.
  6. Thank you as well Crazy. Is there a good resource for me to learn more about the packing nut and coolant flow? This will be a slow process learning all this stuff but I welcome the opportunity.
  7. Love this forum. Thank you Matt....as always.
  8. The last 2 times I have parked the 32 Buick, I have come back a day later to find antifreeze under the car. This car is relatively new to us and I am unfortunately rather new to 30s engine to begin with. I did isolate an antifreeze drip coming from this connection between the generator and the oil temperature regulator (see attached picture). Can anyone tell me what may be causing this and how to address it? Also, can anyone tell me how to know the proper level of antifreeze to have in the radiator. With the cap off and the car cool, I can't see any fluid.....just a sloped area leading down into the radiator. Appreciate all the knowledge on this board.
  9. Hey guys, I'm having a speedo issue that I believe is cable related. The speedometer does register and move but it's not accurate. It seems to bounce around a little bit and does increase as the car speed increases but never matches the true speed. Also, there is a clicking in the cable with acceleration that gets a little less noisy as you speed up. I believe the cable/line is likely bent inside the sheath. I put some grease down in the cable and it did make it quiet again but the speed still doesn't register. Wondering if anyone has had this issue and if you recommend full replacement of the cable or if anyone has attempted to restraighten one. Would love to hear thoughts.
  10. Finally finished up what I could do on the 32 and gave it to my wife for her birthday. She was thrilled of course. I still have an issue or two to work out. I'm losing some power going up hill and have some occasional popping when I let off the gas. Pretty sure the carb has never been rebuilt. Probably time. I'm in the East Tennessee area. Can anyone recommend someone in the area that rebuilds 32 Marvels?
  11. Robert, you don't happen to have another Sandoz or the parts to assemble one do you?
  12. I have a couple grill badges I'd like to attach to a 32 Buick. Doesn't look like there is a lot of room between the grill and radiator. Has anyone here attached a grill badge to a 32? Any tips or tricks?
  13. Hi Steve, Just now seeing this message for some reason. As it is 430am in your neck of the woods right now, I'll wait a few hours and give you a call later this morning. Thank you so much!
  14. I have been unable to find a 32 Buick Sandoz 8 day clock at this point. I'm wondering if anyone knows of an alternative clock that fits that space.....just something I could use in the interim until I find one.
  15. I'm going to be installing seat belts in a 32 Buick Model 86 (not to the frame, I know). Anyone have tips on rear seat removal?
  16. Still looking for a Sandoz 8 day dash clock for my 1932 Buick. It does not need to be functional, although functionality is preferred. Please reply or message if you have one or know someone that does. Thank you!
  17. Is this the one the guy at Liberty in PA is trying to make money on?
  18. That thing is far from 90% complete. But I'd love to have the trunk off the back, the clock from the dash and that crank hole cover.
  19. Here's my 32 Buick brochure....has a stamp on the front from the 1932 Chicago Auto Show.
  20. Thanks Pete. I may have found one late last night. I'll contact you again in the next day or two. Any luck on the Sandoz?
  21. Yes Chuck, I have spoken with Mac a few times. He believes he has the parts but they are stored away in boxes he cannot access at this point.
  22. I need a tail light assembly - just the guts inside....the metal piece that the wire comes into where the bulbs plug in. Pic attached. I also need the steering wheel controlled light switch. The rod/hole diameter is 9.38mm (its my understanding there may be 2 different sizes). I would also need the shroud cover that goes over the switch as well. Pic of the switch also attached. Lastly, a working lock cylinder with key for the built in trunk. I need to have this wrapped up in the next 4 weeks (birthday present), so if someone could help me out, it would be a huge help. If you don't have the parts but know someone that may, please help get me in contact with them. Thanks guys....much appreciated!
  23. Just a fair warning to anyone considering Smith's Classic Car clocks, the prices list on the website aren't what you'll be expected to pay. He will play games with you trying to screw you out of as much dough as possible. And if you purchase a clock and don't get it, it's because he backdoored you with another buyer. Here's the text message exchange for your viewing pleasure. This is what greed looks like folks. Admins can delete if not allowed.....just thought people needed a warning about this clown. By the way, I need a 32 Buick dash clock. 😉
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