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  1. Thank you for the referral Ramair. This past week I was able to make connection with Jim Finn from the Buick Reatta forum. He has been a HUGE help with diagnosis and parts availability. For my application/problem, I will be needing a new accumulator which he has one for my needs. I hope this forum may help another garage car get back safely on the roads.
  2. Thanks for everyone chipping in. What I have not seen is if the Buick Reatta had the same mounting as the Cadillacs. I saw somewhere that they would not cross over... though it has been maybe a year since I tried researching this the first time. From what I can recall, Cadillac, Buick & Olds used this Teves but they may not all be eligible for crossover.
  3. Through much research and reading of multiple discussion threads, it is universally accepted that these Teves ABS unit are total gremlins. I hoping a savvy fella out there can help diagnose my ABS problem and where to get the proper replacement part. My parents bought the Eldorado of the showroom floor in 1990. Not that it is worth anything special, just noting that I have seen this car from day one. The problem I'm having with the ABS is this: When I apply braking at normal rate, I have braking power. If I need to brake immediately, the pedal locks up and kicks back as if the ABS is activating but there is no braking pressure applied to the wheels themselves. It seems common knowledge that these will malfunction overtime or fail due to neglect in how one changes the brake pads. I've learned the calibers should be bleed, not simply taking a C-clamp and pushing all the brake fluid back into the unit itself. Anyhow, can anyone help diagnose and identify the proper replacement part or specialist to rebuild this (if the extensive). Threads I have read keep pointing to the ball accumulator but I'm not finding the original purpose of the thread to determine the appropriate context. Thanks y'all!