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  1. X2. Have found that to be very true especially after 44 years of marriage...
  2. Reminds me of an old double page print ad I have framed for the '64 Riviera "Adventure is a car called Buick". It's a '64 sitting on the Salt Flats with a man and a woman running toward it. Very similar.
  3. Really enjoyed that. Thanks, and you should have a career in broadcasting...very well done.
  4. It was long but really enjoyed watching it. I think I would have brought a trailer.....
  5. This is what this forum is all about. Great photos and information!
  6. When I had my '64 upholstered I had a full set but they were so brittle the upholsterer couldn't use them. He cut ABS plastic to size and bent with a heat gun to the correct contour. He then covered them in vinyl but if not covered they would match originals so well no one could tell they weren't original. Just my 2 cents.....
  7. I agree with restoring one. It is not hard, just time consuming...
  8. J3 -Thanks for posting that link. I enjoyed reading it.
  9. Congrats and have fun with it. Nice car!
  10. I wanted to show you that the car was not a budget build......
  11. Better picture here of the 3M film
  12. I used 3M wrap on my panels after stripping them. I used the real wood on my console and believe it or not I think the 3M film looks better. (you can see it on my avatar) 3M Marine Teak Wood "Di-Noc" Can't tell it from the real thing. Trust me....
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