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  1. frenchy51

    Repro dash advice '64

    Thanks so much for the advice. I just ordered a brown one from "DashTop" in Reno. Hopefully the color is close so I don't have to paint. I've seen videos where the cover is glue over the original vinyl without stripping and foam padding it? I'm sure there's instructions to come with the cap but does DashTop recommend your method as best?
  2. frenchy51

    Repro dash advice '64

    Is this a plastic pre-formed overlay that you painted? or is it vinyl that you stretched and glued over your core? It looks good. Thanks
  3. frenchy51

    Repro dash advice '64

    Actually my Riviera is virtually rust free and still has nice original upholstery except for the drivers seat. Headliner etc is nice. It's always been a California car and I have yet to see a California vintage car or truck that didn't have a cracked dash from sun damage. I'm going to do a "frame on" restoration just because the undercarriage is so nice. I want to drive it. I do all my own body work and paint and at the moment I'm polishing all the stainless trim and have sent the brightwork out for rechrome. I enjoy working on it and when it's done I'll have lots of hours in it but I enjoy it.. I "restored" my first car when I was 15 years old in 1966 (a $300 Model A that I still have). Had no idea what I was doing. Used my dads BBQ brush to "clean" the rust and Hot Rod Black primer to do a repaint. Here it is over 50 years and innumerable cars and trucks later and I'm still enjoying the work and satisfaction and fun that goes along with it. When I'm done with the Riviera I'll find another orphan to adopt and restore. May be harder restoring one than finding a car that doesn't need work.......but what's the fun in that? (-;
  4. frenchy51

    Repro dash advice '64

    Can you tell me about how much JustDashes charged and turn around time? Thanks
  5. frenchy51

    Repro dash advice '64

    If I knew how I would...I'm basically computer illiterate. It's OPG part# BR04109 and I see now that it ships free. It says "made in USA". Do you know of any other good Riviera catalogs or vendors? I'm going to need a lot of interior parts, weatherstrip, fasteners, etc. as the restoration progresses. Any advice on good sources would be greatly appreciated and thanks for your reply.
  6. I need to replace the cracked stock dash in my '64 Riviera. OPG has them for about $500 (plus ship). Any body used theirs? Good quality and fit? Any other sources that offer them? Any advice would be appreciated before I order one. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Thanks all-I appreciate all the replies.
  8. Thanks-The glass is fine and hopefully I don't break it taking it out in preparation for body work and paint. I'm in Ca. BTW. Also-I've looked closer at the windshield and feel foolish that I posted I needed the rubber gasket. I was thinking it used the type of gasket like on my 72 Chevy C10 truck and now see that the Riviera glass doesn't really use that type of rubber molding. Oh well-at 68 it's not the first time I've put my foot in my mouth. Glad to be on the forum though-looking forward to you all helping as the '64 comes back to life...I'll post pictures of my progress.
  9. OK-I feel like a dummy-Just looked at the Rivi and see that it doesn't use the rubber molding like I'm used to (like on my '72 C10 pickup). No wonder I couldn't find a source! Thanks for the reply. (-;
  10. This is my first post. I'm restoring a 1964 Riviera and am having a hard time locating the rubber gasket for the windshield and rear glass. There's got to be a source somewhere.....I can find the glass but not the seals. Any help would be appreciated. Glad to be a member and proud Riviera owner!
  11. Not sure if I'm posting in the correct spot but I'm a new member. I'm restoring a 1964 Buick Riviera. I'm having trouble finding a source for windshield and rear glass rubber gaskets. I can find the glass but come up blank on the seal. Please let me know if you know of a source. Thanks and glad to be a member.