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  1. I've contacted Russ "Centerville auto" Grass Valley, Ca. I'll be delivering the NailHead to him Monday for a complete rebuild. PS-I screwed up calling it a 401-It's a 425.....Thanks again to all members for advice. I should be back on the road in a month or two.
  2. Just got off the phone with Russ-Nice guy and very knowledgeable on NailHeads-It's all he does.... I'll be headed his way soon so he can rebuild my engine. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Great Advice! I'll contact him. He's in my same area code....Thanks!
  4. Had to pull the 401 out of my '64 due to water leaks out the freeze plug(s). Thought I was only going to need to replace the freeze plugs and maybe head gaskets. Tore it down a bit today and see that I'll need a complete rebuild. One side wasn't getting much oil. Going to at least need a cam, Maybe pistons, etc. I'm going to have my local shop do the work. Any advice on the best source for parts (or rebuilding advice). They've never done a NailHead....Thanks
  5. The only place I see BUICK on my '64 is on the air cleaner.
  6. I guess I never noticed '63's didn't have the hood center trim....
  7. Question-Did some '64's not have the chrome strip with emblem on the hood?
  8. Sweet ride Turbinator! Rivi's like the country life!
  9. Just received a re-chromed turn signal stalk with Tan knob from "abandg" Gene Guarnere to finish off my '64. Great guy, great price. He has lots of used parts if you're in need.
  10. Thanks Turbinator! You've been great help with the project along with other forum members. It's almost done-waiting on seats to get recovered and I need to cure an overheating problem......New aluminum radiator, water pump, thermostat, and flushed the system well but boils over after a few mile test drive....I've checked thermostat-It's opening. The car had sat quite awhile before I bought it so maybe block is really dirty (rusty) inside? I thought I had it flushed well but I'm going to try some " Thermocure"by Evapo-Rust in the next few days. Don't want to have to pull the engine at this point. Thought it was fine......
  11. Thanks Ed-Found them on EBay-about $30. They're for 1967 Camaro-Firebird
  12. What vehicle are these from? I like them. Corvette? Year? Thanks