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  1. This series of posts started in 2017........(wish I would have bought a set of turbines then.) Definitely a good read and lots of knowledge.
  2. Powerful stuff! What brand is it?
  3. R63-Is it for sale or are you using it on your car?
  4. Found him. Just sent a PM-Thanks for the tip.
  5. Thanks-I will. Thanks-I will. How do I go about contacting him?
  6. It is spotless and gears and all look fine. It turns very easily. Just can't get one side to move and engage the gears. How it works magnetically is voodoo to me. I'll take it out again and take it to a motor repair guy? Maybe he can figure it out. Wish I had a parts car I could rob one from. Maybe I'll check the wrecking yards for a mid 60's GM with a power seat....... I may just hook up an old speedo cable to the gear box on the one that's not working (up and down) and chuck it into my cordless drill when I need to move the seat......Shade tree engineering at its beast...(-;
  7. I've narrowed the problem down to the seat transmission. It makes contact with the gears through magnetic force. One side of mine works that moves the seat forward or back. The other side that controls up and down will not engage the gears. It "clicks" but that's all. I would think I need a new transmission? Anybody know where I can find one? Or are they rebuildable? I would think all GM cars of that period would be the same? There are some that I think would work on EBay but they're stupid money. Many thanks for all the help.
  8. I checked everything and I believe the problem is that the transmission solenoid is not engaging the gears. I didn't realize the positive needed to touch 2 terminals to run the motor. Now when I connect the 2 hot leads the motor spins great both directions. The transmissions gears etc are all fine-It's just not engaging the cables. I'll figure it out-I'm on the right track I think. Thanks for the advice
  9. Thanks guys-That makes sense now. I thought the transmission was motor #2 and couldn't figure out how both motors could have failed at same time. I have the seat removed so I'll dig into it farther....
  10. Both of my power seat motors are not working. Does anyone know of replacement motors available or is the only cure a rebuild? I've cleaned them up and tracks are all ok. I've even disconnected the cables and still no worky...(.I've even bypassed the switch and put power directly to them and-yes-they're grounded......)Thanks
  11. 530-Nor-Cal checking in
  12. I went with "A64 RIV" I ordered the original looking Ca. Black plates. My reasoning was to make it seem like an original issued plate and number/lettering. In Ca. it's easy to check what's available online.
  13. Nice job and good tips! I've done the same repairs with fiberglass resin and fiberglass cloth but your method looks much easier and less messy. I'll try it. Thanks
  14. Ouch for sure. They quoted me "at least 8 grand"....It was engine rebuild only. Not trans. As I said-the engine was a runner that had never been apart. They put in some Xtras-Electronic ignition, new water pump, timing gear, etc. As you said, Unlike a Corvette small block the 425 Buick engine is it's own animal at least from what I've learned from this forum. I followed the advice I was given and took it to the experts. I wanted to keep my '64 original. The easy way out and less expensive option would have been to drop in a good used LS Chevy...(which, BTW, is what I'm doing to my next project
  15. I had my 425 rebuilt by Russ and Matt in Grass Valley, Ca (Centerville Auto). They did a great job. I haven't put many miles on it yet since it's only drive so far was to the upholstery shop but it seems to be strong. Mine was a runner when I took it in for the rebuild but it was leaking coolant that turned out to be freeze plugs. Since I had it out for the plug replacement I found some other problems so since I'm near Grass Valley I decided to have Russ and Matt (son) rebuild it. It was standard bore but they took it .40 over to clean it up and did a total rebuild from there. It is definitel
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