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  1. While I have my windwing posts out to be rechromed can anybody who's been there steer me toward a good source for windwing rubber seal? I'm mostly talking about the rubber that seals the window to the frame when closed. If not good quality the windwing never seems to shut properly. Thanks in advance for best source.
  2. what wheels are those? I like the look. Good luck with the project. It's going to be nice!
  3. We are all looking forward to seeing the pictures of this American in Italy...
  4. I found a strut rod-Still need a good turn signal stalk and knob-Thanks all!
  5. I looked closer and both sides are the same-Thanks
  6. I'm in need of a passenger side strut rod for my '64 Riviera. Any body have one to sell? thanks PS-also need a nice chrome turn signal stalk preferably saddle color knob
  7. That sounds very fair. I have a set coming that looks good in pictures. If it's not up to par I'll contact you on these. Thanks!
  8. dr914, How much are you asking for the 3 rechromed pieces? Thanks
  9. I think I'm close to putting together a nice original set-Thanks to the great members on this Forum. PS- I too would like to know how the Repos from "Cars" looks if anyone knows.
  10. Turbinator- That's an original interior? Wow! NICE preserved Rivi....How many miles on her? I need the story. I guess when you're from "Leatherville" you can't go plastic (-;
  11. I need a good set of 1964 Riviera side horse shoe moldings- 4- total (2 on each side). Top 2 part # 4420162 Bottom 2 part # 4420163 I'd really like to find a good set that doesn't need to be rechromed. Please no pitting or bubbles. Thanks
  12. Looks like a great Riv! Welcome to the forum. Lots of info to be found here.
  13. OK Guys- I found a turn signal cable that works with just a bit of modification on the bottom end of it. It needs to be bent a bit to fit with needle nose pliers. It's an obvious mod-easier to do it than explain it. Anyway-the cable I got that works (with the mod) is from Eckler's- Part #211279 It's listed for Chevelle with tilt-$63.24. (it also reads-Orig #620927)
  14. I agree. I just pulled mine off and they have the same putty as shown plus silicon sealer that a previous owner must have applied....