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  1. what wheels are those? I like the look. Good luck with the project. It's going to be nice!
  2. We are all looking forward to seeing the pictures of this American in Italy...
  3. I found a strut rod-Still need a good turn signal stalk and knob-Thanks all!
  4. I looked closer and both sides are the same-Thanks
  5. I'm in need of a passenger side strut rod for my '64 Riviera. Any body have one to sell? thanks PS-also need a nice chrome turn signal stalk preferably saddle color knob
  6. That sounds very fair. I have a set coming that looks good in pictures. If it's not up to par I'll contact you on these. Thanks!
  7. dr914, How much are you asking for the 3 rechromed pieces? Thanks
  8. I think I'm close to putting together a nice original set-Thanks to the great members on this Forum. PS- I too would like to know how the Repos from "Cars" looks if anyone knows.
  9. Turbinator- That's an original interior? Wow! NICE preserved Rivi....How many miles on her? I need the story. I guess when you're from "Leatherville" you can't go plastic (-;
  10. I need a good set of 1964 Riviera side horse shoe moldings- 4- total (2 on each side). Top 2 part # 4420162 Bottom 2 part # 4420163 I'd really like to find a good set that doesn't need to be rechromed. Please no pitting or bubbles. Thanks
  11. Looks like a great Riv! Welcome to the forum. Lots of info to be found here.
  12. OK Guys- I found a turn signal cable that works with just a bit of modification on the bottom end of it. It needs to be bent a bit to fit with needle nose pliers. It's an obvious mod-easier to do it than explain it. Anyway-the cable I got that works (with the mod) is from Eckler's- Part #211279 It's listed for Chevelle with tilt-$63.24. (it also reads-Orig #620927)
  13. I agree. I just pulled mine off and they have the same putty as shown plus silicon sealer that a previous owner must have applied....
  14. I'm working on it-I'll let you all know the results if Impala cable works or some other?? Very frustrating.