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  1. I need a good set of 1964 Riviera side horse shoe moldings- 4- total (2 on each side). Top 2 part # 4420162 Bottom 2 part # 4420163 I'd really like to find a good set that doesn't need to be rechromed. Please no pitting or bubbles. Thanks
  2. Looks like a great Riv! Welcome to the forum. Lots of info to be found here.
  3. OK Guys- I found a turn signal cable that works with just a bit of modification on the bottom end of it. It needs to be bent a bit to fit with needle nose pliers. It's an obvious mod-easier to do it than explain it. Anyway-the cable I got that works (with the mod) is from Eckler's- Part #211279 It's listed for Chevelle with tilt-$63.24. (it also reads-Orig #620927)
  4. I agree. I just pulled mine off and they have the same putty as shown plus silicon sealer that a previous owner must have applied....
  5. I'm working on it-I'll let you all know the results if Impala cable works or some other?? Very frustrating.
  6. My '64 Riviera with tilt is in desperate need of a turn signal cable. I have the column all apart and can't put back together till I find one. Anybody have an original good one or know of a source for a new one? I've searched on internet without luck. Thanks!
  7. Nice! Make sure they're bolted on tight.....With that new Sniper EFI the acceleration may pop them off! (-;
  8. That is very cool! Could you tell me the Holley part #? Is it 550-511 (EFI 4150 4--Barrel Self-Tuning Master Kit?). I found in Speedway catalog-their part #425550511K $1,259.99? I'm very interested in converting my '64 Riviera NailHead. Have you checked gas mileage compared to stock? Many Thanks-great pictures and information
  9. I'm going to try and recover mine myself. I'll let you know how it goes...
  10. OK-Another question (sure glad I joined this forum!). I'm removing the old cracked wood veneer on my AC '64 dash and console. I can get the wood off fine but my question is, there is what looks like a thin sheet metal plate sandwiched between the wood and the chrome panels. Should this sheet metal come off also before adding my wood kit? It is on tight on every panel but the radio area (see 2nd picture) and is separating there. Looks like it will peel right off. Should I peel it off or glue it back down before adding the new wood veneer? Again-I appreciate your replies.
  11. OMG-I'm an idiot. You're right. I guess the car's been apart too long....... I'll hunt for the rear panel in my pile-Thanks
  12. I'm in the process of freshening up my door panels etc. for my '64. It has the Deluxe interior but the rear side panels (see picture) do not have the wood insert. I think the interior is original to the car, but why no wood on rear panels? Most had wood on the rears too-correct? Does anyone know the answer? The "wood grain" panel in the picture is a vinyl wrap I applied. Not a perfect grain match-but not bad.
  13. Can you give me Gene's contact info please? Thanks
  14. I just got back a bunch of parts I had chromed at AAA Plating in Sacramento, Ca. They do a nice job. Attached is a picture of the armrest part. There is some small bumps in between the ribs that isn't very noticeable but it's there. I may paint flat black in those areas to mask it as RivNut mentioned.....not sure. I know someone will ask cost- I had front and rear bumpers done, guards, licence surround, backup light housings, lots of interior parts, both steel and pot metal pieces. Pretty much everything but grill and turn signal housings. Cost was $2K