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  1. Saltbush

    Doubt there's much hope..

    "Bikes&Trucks 1929." I have to assume South Australia, but this particular photo had the least info appended.
  2. Saltbush

    Dorothy with Car c.1930

    I think those are all 1928 photos of the body works. Bottom one was tagged 1928.
  3. Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954) Sun 3 Jun 1923 Page 11 THE RUGBY CAR Interview with Sales Representative Hearing of the new Rugby car, one of which has been landed here and is on exhibition in the new Durant garage near Milligan-street, a "Sunday Times" representative during the week interviewed Mr. V. Barwick, sales representative for Australia and New Zealand of the export division of Durant Motors Inc, New York, and obtained from him particulars of this new cheap car. The chassis is manufactured by the Star Motor Co., controlled by Durant's. The car will be well under £300 in price. It will have an Australian body, manufactured in Adelaide, upholstered in leather, and seating five people. Australian timbers and leather are used throughout, and all work is done by Australians. W. C. Durant has vindicated his slogan of "another real good car." The motor is of continental build and of standard type, with no freak fittings. The parts will present no difficulty to anyone, and spares will be readily procurable. The controls conform in every way to standard practice. It is fitted with the Autolite generator, Tillotson carburettor, Spicer universal joints, Stewart vacuum feed pipe, etc These cars have been used for the last twelve months in America, and have proved themselves to be excellent in every way. They are now being turned out at the rate of 1000 per diem. The Rugby has good clearance, and is easily controlled, doing anything from five to 55 miles per hour. It should be ideal for the backblocks. The average mileage to the gallon is 27, but she will do 30 when tuned up. Although known as the Star in America, owing to the existence of a Star Motor Co. in England the name had to be changed to that of Rugby for sale in the British Empire. The local agents are Comet Motors Ltd. We had an opportunity of inspecting the chassis and engine. It is sound, well sprung, and well and attractively built, and should become one of the most popular cheap cars. A green four door 1926 Rugby R Sedan....
  4. Saltbush

    Dorothy with Car c.1930

    Holden Motor Body Builders
  5. A period where only chassis and scuttle forward were allowed to be imported, in order to foster local body builders. Protectionism. Hence Australia has some car body variations not seen in North America or Europe.
  6. Saltbush

    Dorothy with Car c.1930

    The Aussie bodies don't seem to have the suicide doors. (or is it only the closed bodies that have them?)
  7. Saltbush

    Car in a one-pump "town"...

    Fair enough. I was just checking the doorhandle/no doorhandle years on Aussie built bodies. So more thinking of what year. (Probably built by Holden Motor Body Builders. T. J. Richards did Chryslers... ) "Holden's Motor Body Builders developed from a South Australian saddlery business established in the 1850s. In 1918 Holden's Motor Body Builders was established. In 1931 Holden's Motor Body Builders merged with General Motors Australia to form General Motors-Holden's Ltd."
  8. C J John Gaston Mailman from Karkoo to Mt Isabella early 1935. Is there enough visible?
  9. This turned up on a Mt Gambier FB page.
  10. Saltbush

    Dorothy with Car c.1930

    Could be. Didn't find many with wire wheels.
  11. Saltbush

    Dorothy with Car c.1930

    My Aunt, Mrs. Dorothy Rosalyn McEwin formerly Ayles Born 16 Aug 1926 in Balaklava, South Australia, Australia Wife of Alexander Lyell McEwin III — married 10 Apr 1948 Died 1 Apr 2018 in Clare, South Australia, Australia, the day before my brother's marriage to his second wife at Clare. This be she, in 1930 or thereabouts, playing. Is there enough of the car visible for an ID?
  12. Saltbush

    Men's Picnic at Beach

    Probably Wallaroo or Moonta, South Australia. No date suggested.
  13. Saltbush

    Car in a one-pump "town"...

    And here's an Aussie 1925 Superior K Tourer.
  14. Saltbush

    Car in a one-pump "town"...

    It may well be a body by Holden, being an Australian car, so the scuttle forwards is clearest id guide. The Government had import restrictions on bodywork to foster the local bodybuilding industry. Pic of an Aussie 1926 Chevrolet attached.
  15. Saltbush

    Car in a one-pump "town"...

    Car & Pitman family at Hart, South Australia From scans of Joy Pitman's family albums.