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  1. Anyone seen one of these before?
  2. No, plenty of wooden spokes. I don't know if there was a higher prevalence of wires...
  3. Car make? Year/s? C.O.R. on the trailer. Commonwealth Oil Refineries (COR) was an Australian oil company that operated between 1920 and 1952 as a joint venture of the Australian government and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. It was sold to BP in 1952.
  4. Saltbush

    Two cars

    From a South Australian genealogy Facebook page where identification has been requested in order to date pictures of relatives. It has been suggested that the car with four people on the running board is a 1922 Summit, but there have been others. The second may be an easy one if my guess is correct... a T?
  5. Car and a bus in the street at Coolangatta, Queensland during a visit to Australia by Leopold Amery, British Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, 1927-1928. Can the vehicles be identified?
  6. https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/159556319 Photo page From the Western Australia State Library collection. This photo purports to be of Jim Grady, "First moter bike across Australia". I assumed that meant east to west. I've searched the National Library old newspaper files, and Googled on, but found no further information. If anyone knows any more about this chap and his "moterbike", I'd love to hear.
  7. 1916 Calthorpe Minor.
  8. Only pic I found without battery box or spare wheel on the running board.
  9. A car in Tasmania, Australia, described as a single-seater in its caption.
  10. Bingo! Google search on your suggestion revealed the 1903 Daimler 22HP Charabanc
  11. Old Australian photo, a tour group at the Jenolan Caves. Can anyone identify the vehicle?
  12. A bell? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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