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  1. Follow up. I have been successful at getting all lights working again, even the blinkers. Wow! The break light had a bad connection to the new socket I put on. The left blinker was not working due to bad connection at fire wall. Thanks for all your help and info-invaluable!!
  2. So, do you have a tilt collar that you are willing to sell and if so for how much?
  3. I am looking for one of these chrome tilt collars. Any chance one is available, and if so how much?
  4. Yes I did notice that the switch can be tightened down. I think once I can get the chrome collar off(the one that houses the turn signal switch and tilt switch I can clean and lube things properly so there is less friction. I just didn’t want to break anything if I tried to pry it up.
  5. I was able to get my brake lights to work again thanks to all your help. I had put on new taillight sockets and the connections needed to be redone with a wire nut. After I repositioned the switch at bottom of steering wheel to center position it worked. I still think I need to go through it since it’s so sensitive it’s not always consistent. Another problem I’m having is I can’t seem to figure out how to get the steering wheel cap off-the chrome 3 inch piece that houses the turn signal actuator. I need to replace it and lube some of the parts inside so they move smoother. Any ideas?
  6. This is a pic of the drivers side kick panel area. The white, black and purple Wires seem to be coming from up in dash panel.
  7. Thanks for the lead on the wiring diagram. All wiring is original. When I touch the purple wire to ground the courtesy lights come on.
  8. I’m struggling with getting both rear brake lights to work at the same time when I step on the brakes. Seems like it is tied to the switch on the bottom of the steering wheel. Is there any place that sells these switches? I’ve tried lubing it with electrical grease but still very sensitive. Is there anything advice you can give me?
  9. I’ll be home later today and get a pic of what I’m talking about.
  10. I have discovered 3 wires, a black, a purple and a white one in the cavity on drivers side by circuit breaker fuse near air vent. Wondering what they go to?
  11. I have a 64 Riv. 425 engine. What is the safest way to pull off a Flexplate w/o damaging it?
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