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  1. Jon, Thanks that is really helpful and confirms what I had thought. The corporate history of Zenith and Solex (in Europe at least) is complex and i only have a rough idea of it. I think that both companies established subsidiaires in different markets which were initially wholly owned by the parent company but presumably they gradually turned into franchises with rights to use certain products. The director of Solex UK acquired the Zenith UK franchise in the 30's even the though the parent companies were presumably competitors. Zenith became connected with stromberg in
  2. Hi all, I am based in France and researching the history of two French carburettor manufacturers – Solex and Zenith for a magazine article. I have a couple of questions about their presence in the US market that I am hoping you can help me with. Zenith – I know that they had success in the US in the teens and 1920’s and they built a factory covering 47,000sq ft on Hart Avenue in East Detroit. I believe that their carbs were standard fitment on Model A Fords – can anyone confirm this and tell me what else they were fitted to as standard? I don’t know what happened post
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