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  1. On 7/6/2018 at 2:11 PM, Reaper1 said:

    Rear wheel bearings are EASY! Do it yourself.


    If you aren't going to replace the rear brake pads, depending on if there's a lip on the rotor, you might be able to just slide the calipers off and set them aside.


    If you need to compress the pads to get the calipers off, you will have to use the piston retract screw. On the back of the caliper there's a little plug. Take the plug out and there's a hex-head screw in there. I'd have to look at my FSM, but turning it one direction will retract the piston and allow you to remove the caliper.


    Once the caliper is off, remove the disc. Then remove the dust cap (flathead screwdriver and a mallet...you can reuse them if you don't beat the crap out of them). Then, remove the hub like any other old-school hub. You will need to replace the wheel seals. Clean everything up, pack the new bearings, install the new parts, put the hub back on. While spinning the hub the opposite direction as tightening the nut, tighten the nut until it's difficult to turn the hub, then back off the nut 1/4 turn, put the cotter pin and all back on. Before I lower the car, I spin the wheel, make sure it spins freely and doesn't have any "sticky" spots and that it has no lateral movement at the top of the tire.



    Reaper1 I am replacing the wheel bearing and hub assembly for my front wheels:  https://www.moog-suspension-parts.com/moog-518502#fitment


    re there any tips/tricks with the process? I was hoping it would be easier than the rear wheels.


    I plan to tackle this when the repair/service manual arrives, a recent Ebay purchase.

  2. Nile, thank you for starting this thread.

    I have an interest in switching the stock TC rims for the later generation, five lug Biturbo rims (photo below). I have seen these rims listed at 7x15 (7Hx15H2) ET 35 or at 15x8 1/2", although I think there is even more variety from ~89 - early-90s (they look like they were 14" pre-1988, which is too small, I think). My fear is that the Maserati five lug pattern isn't compatible with the TC. I haven't found the definitive answer, but I have read in some VW forums that the 1980s Biturbo wheels may not conform to alot of other makes.