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  1. Dodge friends, I finally finished recommissioning my 1954 Dodge Royal coupe. It was last registered in 1975 and until January of the year, it was sitting in a garage in Hollywood Ca. I purchased it from the original owner. It came with an original letter from the dealer congratulating them on their new purchase, the DMV receipt for the registration, the paper temporary plate, a postcard letting them know their plates were ready for pick up and the original build sheet. It was sitting on it’s original Super Cushion tires, with a matching spare in the trunk, all showing wear of less than 10 k. The speedo indicated 9,857 miles ( I had mistakenly said 9,872 in a previous post) Because of the low milage, I took extreme care in getting it up and running. I started by dropping the pan and then decided to remove the heads, pulled the pistons, made sure the rings were in good order, lightly honed the cylinders, replaced all the gaskets. Some of the hydraulic lifters were sticking so I bought a new set and replaced all of them. I used some assembly lube and light oil and put it all back together. I rebuilt the carburetor, starter, all six wheel cylinders, blew out all the brake and fuel lines. I installed a new fuel pump, master cylinder, battery and fuel tank. The tires were as hard as hockey pucks and rode like Fred Flintstone wheels, also because of the flat spots, (This was during short tests down my street) so I replaced them with some 225 75 15s. I color sanded and polished the original paint and was able to bring it back to a very respectable shine. I cleaned the interior and installed some new carpeting. I’m still looking for one hood spring. The car drives like a dream. It starts right up and the ride is incredibly smooth. It certainly feels like the super low milage car it is. Thanks to the group for all the advice and encouragement and a special thanks to Jack for the useful shop manual. Below are a few shots. I need to figure out how to upload more and I have a nice “before" video if anyone can advise me on how to attach.
  2. Does anyone have a hood spring for a 54 Royal? It’s about 11” long and helps keep the hood up.
  3. Jack M, I’m trying to find the thread where you gave me your address so I can send you a check for the manual you sent, Thanks so much! Could I have your address here so I can get that check off to you? Jeff Never mind, I just found it!
  4. Next time I’m underneath I’ll shoot a few shots. No worries and thanks for the advice. I’ll get back to you.
  5. Jack, I’m still little confused. My car has power steering and as I lay under the car looking up at the engine, on my right, near the passenger car tire, the power steering rack ends at a mount on the bottom of the frame. A castle nut with a cotter pin holds it there. On my left, near the drivers side tire, the power steering rack attaches to the arm coming off the steering box, beneath the steering column. Which end do I disconnect? And its the passenger side, how do I keep the shaft from spinning as I try to remove the castle nut? Thanks!
  6. I have the car on jack stands. Okay, I’ll look to the passenger side for a good place to disassemble. Thanks, Jack!
  7. Can someone tell me the best way to do this? I’ve removed the bolts, starter and crossover pipe but the power steering set up is in the way. The manual says to disconnect the Idler arm support bracket, and allow linkage to settle away from the oil pan." What is the, “ Idler arm support bracket?” and is this the best way to drop the pan? Please advise. Thanks!
  8. I certainly will. In the meantime, could someone give me the skinny on dropping the oil pan on the Red Ram 271 Engine? I’ve removed the starter and crossover exhaust pipe, and all of the bolts on the pan. The manual says to, "disconnect the steering linkage at idler arm support bracket and allow linkage to settle away from the oil pan." What is the, “ Idler arm support bracket?” and is this the best way to drop the pan? Thanks!
  9. Soon, George. I’m cleaning about fifty years of dirt off it and hopefully getting it running.
  10. Hey Folks, So I’ve taken possession of my 54 Royal Coupe. Where do I find parts, like a hood spring, a spring for the front brake shoes, rebuild kits for my brake systems, carburetor, fuel pump, etc.? Are there any specialty outlets that handle these cars? Or I’m I just going to NAPA, Pep boys, Auto Zone and hoping they can reference them in their books? Also, I need to create a set of keys for the doors, ignition, glovebox and trunk. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
  11. Nice catch, Vicky. Here are pics of my everyday driver. I’ve had it 25 years. I’ll post plenty of the Dodge Royal as I start into it.
  12. Jack, Please feel free to us the first class flat rate. They offer 3 sizes. I think the most expensive one is 12 bucks. I’ll be happy to pay it. You’re kind enough to let me have it for free and I’ll get it sooner. How can I transfer the money? Venmo, PayPal?
  13. Great advice, Roger. I plan on being real careful. Thanks!
  14. Jack, I’d love to get a manual. My email address is If you send me an email I’ll forward my mailing address. Thanks so much and I’m happy to cover the shipping costs. On another note; the fellow I’m buying the car from is having trouble finding the keys. If he can’t find them, what is the best way for me to get a set of keys made? Are there codes on the locks? Anything that would be helpful?
  15. George, I’m in the process of buying it. Just wondering if I paid too much. Don’t think I did. Picking it up on Friday. I’ll start fiddling with it on Saturday. And Auburnseeker, I found a manual on eBay. Paid a bit more for it but I got that huge 1000 page Dodge service manual. I’m guessing its pretty comprehensive. I’ll have no excuse if I screw things up now.