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  1. Pete Phillips , gdmn852 , Kestrel you guys are great . After looking closer it seems i have the right bumper i think . It is mounted to the out side of the frame . the way the frame is made that is the only way it will mount . it appears to me that the driver side of bumper has been hit forcing it in to finder causing it to be shifted to driver side setting it off in middle . once the drivers corner is straighten and brackets are re shaped i do believe it will line up great . Pete Phillips right after i read your response i went on ebay to look for the "Dyna-Lite" . wow how about that, there was one up for bids with 0 bids . i waited 3-4 days place several bids and now this one eyed man can see in the dark . cost me but i can see . Kestrel checked on the flasher and getting ready for it now . don't know why my letters have turned blue . Thank you guys so much . 😁
  2. When i bought my 1948 Buick RoadMaster 70 it came with a certificate showing that it was used as a prop in the making of BLUE Skies with Tommy Lee Jones & Jessica Lange , made here in Selma Ala. also where i bought the car and where i live . It,s sad Tommy didn't choose to drive the Buick instead of the Chevy station wagon . But i guess it's ok to be a chevy man .
  3. I bought this 1948 RoadMaster 70 , 3 years ago . Just last week sitting on porch admiring it the front bumper hit me upside the head and it didn't matter which way i shake my head i steal could not get the bumper to line up . So could maybe one of you pros tell me maybe what year the bumper is on my RoadMaster 70. Outside turn signal flashes off and on like they should but the inside indicator light will only flash once, then stays off . Shouldn't it continue to flash off and on ,as the modern car does . It was a surprise to me to find out that they didn't install a light for the gear shift indicator .
  4. dukenukemx and try these i have found every thing i have needed on my 48 so for . wish u luck this was mine at start
  5. Ron42Dodge i would say yes there both the same . either one will work . here's why i say they will . i started redoing my 1948 buick roadmaster 70 in 2017 . the Dynaflow Torque Ball Boot is one of the things i had to replace .after months and months miles of scuffing the net i made my purchase . at no time did i run across a large or small . i think what you have is maybe a mold change . mybe a upgrade in overall OD . the one on the bottom does appear to be a little older .. heres 3 pic . ha now don't take my word now you do a little research .
  6. lost this post and like to have never found it , but i did so if i may i would like to ask one more question . my turn signal work great front and back left and right flash flash flash BUT the dash indicator light will only flash one time and then nothing while out side they are flashing great . so my question is was the dash flasher a separate relay .
  7. Its not judgement vermontboy . Maybe absent minded was the wrong phrase to use . I,ll use over sight . I think they just looked over that little feature all together with both eye,s . Your 100% right about the lighting and eye sight from back in the day compared to to day . And the part what your eyes can pick up on 100 % true and here,s why . I was hasted in 1951 . we lived 1 mile from town and street lights were 1 about every 2nd some 3rd block until you hit town . at the age of 6-7 i got one of my eyes put out . Total darkness in one eye . Well Mother & Dad let me start driving them to them to different places . mother was to store town and different places . Now Dad wow i got to drive him to different bars and it was night . some of the bars were 12 miles away . wow all the doctor peppers i could drink . In these times and after i did notice that i would always notice more with one eye than i would with 2 . Movement shadows reflections things that normally with two eyes i don't really think i would have notice . The doctors did tell Mom that there was a good chance that one of my other scenes would enhance . well here it is 2019 and time has given me 2 more eye,s , my bifocales . Now i blame it on being one eyed for being a safety freak . So i change absent minded To over sight .
  8. thanks Ben i know now not to start a take a part . i think that was really absent minded of Buick .
  9. sure hope someone can answer a question for me . did a 1948 roadmaster 70 buick have a light for the gear shift and if so where is it located ? all dash light work but no light on gearshift .
  10. might help !
  11. on my 48 Buick the cork was water log ha (gas log). sending unit was shot so i needed to be through with it so i went new unit with brass float . had the choice to go cork but all brass i have seen has out lasted cork . don,t get me wrong i am not disputing the old timers on sealer .
  12. bad news for you BUT i,ll end it with good news .the bad is i look for mounts and mounts 1000,s of hours on the net vintage dealers after dealers with no luck . i was at the scrap yard one day and a fellow bough in a load scrap from a printing co. that had closed down . i bough a bout 1 ft. x 1 ft. box with 12 plastic drawers full of all kind of screws bushing sheer pins and one draw was full of all different size and shape of springs . and low and behold there it was my wiper spring . YES it worked great . sewing machine maybe . go cart clutch has small springs . i don,t think you will ever find one looking for ( windshield wiper replacement spring ) the whole unit yes but the replacement spring NO . do you have one to size bye ? how many do u need ?
  13. Highway_101 i am working on a 1948 Buick Roadmaster 70 4 door with dynaflow 320 block . i have been working on Darling 3 years . if you steal lost on weather or not you have a 320 i have a paper stencil for the intake exhaust manifold gasket i could mail you if you like . but then by now your most likely well under way . the oic was 3 years ago
  14. yep Pete Phillips bout told it right . but just to be on the safe side i would take the grill out .what 10 more min. worth of time to save 500.00 . use a center balance point to hang motor and trans on lift then you can tilt it either way . walk her right on in bolt her up dress up motor grill rad rail and all then go for a ride . ps take the fan blade off just that much more to get in the way .