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  1. I am 18 and just bought a 1950 Plymouth. Don't get me wrong I would love a muscle car or even a 71 c10 but right now those cars are worth a lot even if they are in bad shape, so for me a 1950 was actually a more accessible way of getting a cool old car I can actually take to shows, yes its a lot or work but people want double what I paid for rusted out muscle cars, thats my reason, just thought i would share.
  2. Ya the other headlights are a long term future thing. I want to mess around with the old headlights first, get them working and stuff. I am in college so I cant just throw money at it all day. Just a little here and there. I have all the wiring diagrams in my service manual so should be able to get it figured. Ya I'm not putting a crazy system in it. the system would only be two speakers at like 25W RMS and a little sub running like barely 150W RMS. And not like I will always be cranking it and can turn the sub down when in just cruising to use less battery. and the sub is also rated at 14.4 volts which I would not be able to achieve that, so together like 15A max when I'm cranking on it, which definitely wont be all the time. So just cruising might draw just over 7A. And if I drove a bit with the tunes off it would slowly charge back up so. And if I need can buy and wire in another converter too.
  3. I don't understand how people are getting confused her I am going to install A 6 to 12 volt CONVERTER. the only touching I will be doing to the original system is tapping in to the battery with one little cable. I thought about converting it over but it all works good as is so I am leaving it that way. Also I am an 18 year old kid, I like the car because I want to work on it and get it running as a piece of history but I also want it to have some cool touches that I want, most of which if needed will be able to be taken completely out if need be.
  4. Ok so running multiple converters is viable good to know, I was thinking of that but was worried how much draw it would put on the old 6V system as I can't find how much amperage the converter itself draws under operation. I was just going to start with some led lights and a small stereo that was just going to be a two speaker system from a controlled amplifier so I don't need an ugly head unit and a small powered sub for a little extra bass. other than that I was just thinking of (maybe trigger alert here) putting in some twelve volt headlights that had a halo ring in them, which I can always switch back to normal headlights from I would like to add. Unless I was doing my math wrong a pair of 60W headlights will draw just over 7A by themselves, unless i was doing something wrong.
  5. Ok so i did some research and found most CONVERTERS are maxed output at around 7 amps at 12v. I did some basic math and found I will definitely have more than a 7 amp draw on the system so I would need a battery in the system as the converters say do not draw more than 7 amps from them. So if I have a deep cycle (in case it goes dead) and just use the converter as a small charge current would that be okay or would the converter still not like that. I know the battery would get drawn down but if I turned all my accessories off then it would get some time to charge.
  6. ok thankyou. I will do that when I see the car again.
  7. Well the special deluxe seems to be working fine with negative ground so I am just going to leave it that way. because all my gauges seem to work and stuff so.
  8. Well the black cable is bolted to the engine block and the terminal is too small for for the positive post, so someone must have purposely changed them around, I guess I could change them back, although I don't know if it would make much difference.
  9. Yes I was just wondering about running a converter to maybe keep a battery charged to run a stereo and some cool lights for the most part, the only touching I would do to the original car is wiring in the converter to the battery, to keep it all isolated I would have the system set up in the trunk on some plywood with a grounded fuse block meant for a boat and will just run my wires back to that and make sure all my connections are sealed well throughout the car. Also my car seems to be a negative ground already as I think someone changed it. I was thinking about making the car actually 12 V but I changed my mind as the 6V system works good for the most part and I don't want to mess with it.
  10. Ok my dumb butt forgot about grounded fuse blocks so that problem is fixed. But I still wonder about the charging of a small battery
  11. So in my old car im thinking of a 6V to 12V converter with a battery to run some modern extra accessories. I was just sketching out stuff and was wondering would I have to make the ground isolated from the rest of the car since the rest of it is 6V ground? So I would have to have like a grounding terminal block hooked to the battery? Also lets say my converter was outputting 7A and I just had like a lawn and garden battery for a cushion would I have to regulate the amperage from the converter going into the battery then or how would the best way to hook that up be? figured i would put it here since there might be others thinking about this stuff too.
  12. Well the car is already been switched to a negative ground, idk who did it or why but thats how it is now. Also I was looking and the converters say the ground can be either so once I get there I will go that way I think. I don't think I have a heater hose at the back of my engine. And like it leaked a significant amount of water out through the little hole in my bell housing until it seemed like it kinda got below the leak level so. So you can pull like thee bottom half of the clutch cover off for adjustments and stuff?
  13. ugh, I was wondering if there weren't some sort of plug back there. Guess I will read through the service manual see if it tells me how to do it. The struggle is real because I don't want to pull the engine out but if I did there would be a lot of stuff I could fix and clean, make it good and what not. But I can always do that later too. And also I don't want to make it a 12v system anymore, I did some looking and I think I will just go with a 6 to 12 V converter to run a few accessories, seems like a way better plan.
  14. So just add in a twelve volt system? Although I would need a way to charge it still. And just an update on the car. I got the new fuel pump on and made myself a new flex line because the old one was garbage and the old girl fired up pretty easy. Let it idle all the bad gas out of the lines and she even ran nice and smooth. I had water in the cooling system so i took it for a short drive up the lane using my parking brake as my brake and the car drives really good. Only issue is there was water leaking from where the clutch is, which kinda confuses me as to how that would happen. anyone?