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  1. Steven, I've found that with mechanics as with many other specialist professions sometimes it's hard to sit back and look at the project as part of a greater whole. They're so used to fixing one part and then moving on to another part they can't see how parts can affect each other down the line. Y-JobFan. I was thinking Sealskin. 10 year warranty on those. Price is okay. Thanks all for your helpful responses, with any luck I will have some pictures start of next week.
  2. I'm not in a rush to buy anything. I did my homework, found out which parts have been known to fail and located alternatives. I know I don't want a convertable because in all convertables the front and rear ends are connected only by the floor and frame rigidity is compromised. I've been looking at Reattas for over a year. Just prior to this month I was also looking at GTIs, Hyundai Tiburons, and Volvo C30s as well. These are the two that are in my price range, in the condition that I want, in my area. If you know of any others, by all means, throw them in the for sale submenu and I'll cons
  3. Dashmaster. Yeah it is. I looked under the floorpans and wheel wells, and saw no signs of systemic corrosion. I think the guy inherited it from someone who was a car guy. He didn't repaint it himself but it was done by a shop not some guy with an air compressor. It looks like the door panels were removed and the underbody was sprayed as well. Though there is some signs of overspray on the tailpipe and frame, there isn't any on the glass or plastic trim pieces. I had no interest in convertibles for a number of reasons. Will report back again after I've driven the '88.
  4. Also have to say when I drove the '91 I was impressed by the Reatta's road presence. It was a very comfortable ride for a low down hunkered car. It shifted smooth and glided over the bumps, and I just wanted to keep driving forever.
  5. Seems like everyone is saying go with the '88. I would say before reading the responses I would have saved the trip, bought the '91 and not given it a second thought. Now I'm thinking the least I need to do is drive the '88 to get a comparison. I am looking to keep this as a second car. My daily is a 2012 Lincoln MKz Hybrid with 48,000 miles on it. I would be driving the '88 on nice summer days that I want to cruise some of the backroads we have around here. I live less than 10 miles from work. I would drive it to work every now and then in good weather to show off a piece of late 20th c
  6. So, I have this conundrum. I 've owned a few Camaros in the past, 88-91 range. This will be my first Reatta. I have two options though. One is low miles. Low. 64000 to be exact. Dealer sell from a location that specializes in classics. The only issues are is that it's an 88 model with a tevis system and the original Magnavox ignition. It's also on the other side of the state, which on my list of concerns is low, but just to see it, I have to drive about 550 miles round trip. It's also about 2500 more expensive. If the pictures are to be believed, the car is super clean though. It's in co
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