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  1. mine does this constantly and only when i need extra acceleration or "boost" from the engine. after about 10 seconds it settles down and air blows again on the upper vents... until i need extra engine oomph then is cycles this issue over and over. rob221.... that picture looks like it is somewhere in the engine bay yet i cannot seem to find a check valve there like this. can you take a larger pic of this area so i can look in my engine bay for the valve?
  2. Nile.. you are right on the money! Rick is a super cool guy that knows everything about the TC. Called him a few times to make sure I attached the bov in the right place. The smec was a plug and play sort of install. Super easy. The difference these two parts make is crazy good! The car now has a good amount of acceleration and pull it should have and is linear throughout. It easily has another 40 plus horsepower. Where the car should have been originally. Thanks to the knowledge of you guys on this forum and Nile, getting me to Rick. Thank you!!
  3. spoke with rick this morning. very nice guy. i am buying the upgraded smec and upgraded blow off valve. he claims they are easy to install and will get over 200 horsepower from these installs. the blow off valve is necessary he believes since they work hand and hand. rick told me his dark red tc with the 16 valve 5 speed has these upgrades and a few more and gets easily over 270 horsepower. looks like a great deal guys. anyone interested in it should look on ebay. has about 44k miles so a great car. i will update you when i get them and do the install.
  4. hi reaper...that is awesome! let me know if you are interested in building a "plug and play" digital dash for members like myself. for a decent price, i sure would buy one! nile....do you have information on how to get in touch with rick diogo? i am thinking this is more of the way to go now. man...when you need some "oomph" to get up to speed from the start, these little cars sure dont have anything to get up and go.
  5. new guy here. have had my tc for about 4 years. 80k miles on it. repainted it a true italian green color with the ginger interior and brand new haartz cloth top in black. looks fantastic like a real italian maserati. question. my fantasy to move this wonderful little car along would be to swap out the anemic 2.2 with a '89 maserati bi-turbo v-6. what a car this would be. a real bonified maserati much nicer than a bi-turbo. does anyone know if this swap will work? has anyone ever tried it before? also. i have seen on you tube where guys swap out the analogue guages with a digital
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