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  1. Hey I was wondering if you had a turbocharger for the 2.2 SOHC engine and the trunk badge. Thanks
  2. Ok, so if I needed an 8v head, it would have to be specifically off another TC? Or could I take any chrysler 2.2l SOHC cylinder head? Thanks!
  3. Hey all, I recently bought a 1989 TC 2.2l SOHC and towed it home. The previous owner thought that the head gasket was blown, but when I got the head off, it turns out the head was cracked in about 5 spots and pretty badly warped. I'm now trying to figure out what my options are. I'm having trouble finding a head specifically for the 2.2 Turbo II and would like some advice. Does a stock 2.2l head work or do I specifically need one built for the turbo? What about replacing the engine, could that be worth it? Thanks in advance!
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