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  1. These pics were taken in 1998 shortly after I had repainted it. I am away for the festive season till mid Jan 2019. I will then be able to send better photos.
  2. Good Day I have just been gifted a 35 Pickup from my Dad who has owned it for close on 40 years now with exactly the same issues that you have. 3 dial dash , suicide doors and roof insert. I still have the original two piece Ram radiator cap and it has the 35 style bumpers. It seems from what I have found that it was built in Canada. According to Bunn and Brownell's book Dodge pickups History and restoration guide pg27. The changes took place late in the production year and this resulted in the 1935 series 2. There are no other 1935 Dodge that I know of or heard of in SA. The original first registration has it as a 1934 model. The vehicle is in South Africa and has been it's whole life.
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