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  1. Another question for you guys, was getting ready to put the floor carpet together today and my heater core started leaking antifreeze. I got it all pulled out but i cannot find anyone who sells them. Any ideas? Glad it leaked now and not after i got everything done. I have googled and googled and cannot find a supplier. Called the local Carquest shop and he could not find anything either.
  2. Hey guys. Wondering if I can get some advice. Bought a 1956 olds 88 4dr a few years ago. Was newly painted and it great condition. Original engine and runs smooth. Took the seats out today and pulled all the old vinyl out and cardboard underlayment and lots of tar! Lots if surface rust on driver and passenger sides. Any suggestions on what to treat it with? Any suggestions on flooring? wanting to do a dark grey. Products you suggest?
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