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  1. Also the frame is bent on the driver front rail just ahead of the front suspension. Only affecting the sway bar and bumper mount. The bumper is also bent in the middle. I don't think it will be necessary to straighten it. Just needs to be rewelded as it's cracked and I'll just change the bumper and sway bar mounts.
  2. So the current plan is to take out and tear down the motor and send it to the machine shop to be cleaned and planed and more than likely have a valve job done. Rebuild front suspension and brakes and rewire the car. Clean, repair, and repaint all front end panels and pieces. Remove interior and deal with surface rust in the floor. And then reseal all the doors and windows. New glass for windshield and pass rear.
  3. Me and my brother did several compression tests and rounds of ATF in the cylindersm managed to regain full compression in cylinder 8 but it turns out we're getting leakage out of the valves. Decision was made that if we're going to pull and refresh the head we might as well pull and refresh the whole motor. So I've been busy taking the front of the Buick off. Next weekend were going to pressure wash the engine and suspension and hopefully pull the head.
  4. Well it's been a long winter and it still isn't even over yet. But me and my older brother just towed the 39 to my godfathers garage today where we have her up on jack stands. Gearing up for a long summer of work. I pulled the plugs this week and oiled the cylinders. The crank turns easily by hand. But transmission is even more questionable when I got underneath and discovered there really isn't anything wrong with the linkage. She did seem to shift into neutral and wasn't spinning the motor. But I'm sure she needs a rebuild. And while she's up on Jack's I messed with all the tires. Joints seem okay but the rear diff feels off. Might be putting a battery in today and seeing what works and what catches fire. Carbs been rebuilt and reinstalled.
  5. I dont believe the running boards trim is original as they are a bitlonger than the actual running boards.
  6. Also neat to know the fogs really aren't meant to be there. I kinds figured as I cannot find a single Buick online with similar light set up. But ya know.. it's sexy as shit and the man who did it had vision. Ill probably rewire them as turn signals as I have no need for fog lights nor would they do much good at that height.
  7. The interior of the car was a major selling point for me. (I ssuuuuuuucccckkk at sewing)
  8. The carb is a Carter WCD but there is no carb tag so I'm gonna have to take her apart this Wednesday and figure it out by comparing gaskets to every carter kit.
  9. It was an Arizona car, owned by a family for three generations. Restored in the 80's and driven up here to AK. She was sold in 95 to an older gentlemen who I believe ran something over and damaged the driver front fender and hit the trans. It no longer shifts out of gear. I believe they had started some work on it at the time but the owner then passed away and it was auctioned off in 98 to the family i bought it from. They knew nothing about the car. They had bought it to be a project for their kids to fix up and drive to prom. But they literally didn't touch a single thing on it. And eventually left it outside where you see it sitting there for the next 15 years. I first saw it ohh.. sometime last winter. And didn't think much of it. At the time the most I could afford was a fancy dinner at Subway. Come July I happened to drive by again. Pulled over. Took a picture of it through the woods. Could only identify it as a GM car from the side through the trees. Obsessed over the picture for about a week. And on my weekend went and bought a tarp. Went over and asked if I could tarp their beautiful car. And 2 days later I was back with 4000$ and dragged her home. Found brand new license plates and registration for 95 which is how I managed to contact the original family that owned the car. And I just now now I did my first bit of work on it. Pulled the carb off at 2am in the dead of winter because it felt like a warm night to do it. (-1f). Is there any info you guys can give me on the carb and where to find a rebuild kit for it? Also any Info on the air filter too as I intend to restore it as well over the winter while I wait for the snow to melt and me and my brother get to start work getting her running and driving again.
  10. I feel lucky as can be to have stumbled accross the forum. I just rescued a 39 Buick special from the woods a bit out of town last July. Was restored in the 80's and had been parked since 98 following a crash I believe. Not huge damage. I think they just ran over something. Bumpers cracked down the middle, driver front fenders dented and folded up, might need replacing, sway bar link snapped, and I think the bell housing was whacked and then removed. Found a new one in back seat. And I think either the trans or the linkage was damaged as it won't shift out of gear. The shifter moves freely but it remains in gear. Other than that she's in grreeaaat shape considering. I will have to deal with surface rust in the trunk and floor but the interior is in good shape(though not original). And she's like 99% complete. Only missing door lock knobs, a gas cap, and the spark plug wire cover. Work starts in January when I get to use my brothers garage. Till then I'm afraid she's stuck under a tarp in the fridgid winter's of Alaska.