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  1. How is the drive tire moved or ratio adjusted? how ever you wan to say it.
  2. Very interesting. One of the greatest things about antique cars is finding the outside the box thinking that they actually used. Great to see the friction drive used outside of Sapper Comet riding mowers and people thought CVT was "new" technology.
  3. I may have missed it but what about the emissions to build a electric car. I've read that its hard if not impossible to calculate the emissions total in building a car because of the globalization of the manufacturing. With batteries made of lithium (Which can't be a environmentally happy substance) are we replacing drilling for oil with mining lithium, albeit at lesser quantity but how much lithium is there on the planet. I had a 1992 Geo metro It got 49MPG with todays technology and without gizmology (adding technology to technology) couldn't they do better. Yes, The metro was light, slow and not very safe but it was a 1992. I guess its what is expected out of a new car these days, quick acceleration(i.e. high HP), AC, Lots of other dodads that sort of car is not feasible. Our current automobile show the affluence of our nation most definitely.
  4. I knew they were gaining popularity but I didn't think it would go that high.
  5. Bonham was way off on their estimate on the sp2...
  6. Seems like enthusiasm is waning. 58 Packard sold at $10k with a low estimate at $30K
  7. Any particular reason the museum is selling so may or are these not all museum's cars?
  8. I have a hard time with non-correct color choices growing up with a fine point restorer for a father. My biggest grip is the when a color is chosen that takes away from the coach-build or detracts from the lines of the body. Some of the example pictures have contrasting reveals and pinstripe which help but no...
  9. I am the browsing sort I don't have a particular marque that I follow, that's what was/is nice about ebay you can sort by year and find things that are not advertised appropriately. I was just looking for a similar type site that wasn't so inflated.
  10. Ebay used to be filled with project type cars now its just over priced... (I can't even think of what to call it) and rarely anything projectish I've looked elsewhere but a lot of sites that just relist ebay listing or the adds that are so out of date or over priced its ridiculous. I found on site that had a "project" 33 Buick for $22,000! needing a total restoration Really? by the time you had all the chrome done you'd be upside-down in it, not to mention the rest of the restoration. I was hoping to find a place that listed reasonable projects at reasonable prices. I guess I'll just keep chasing rainbows.
  11. I agree. I noticed the lack of front brakes. leans more to a collection of parts than a car.
  12. So... What would be a "fair" price for the '29 listed on the 11th that's on the Franklin website. From the looks of the pictures it's a chassis with no body or just pile of body parts.