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  1. Also, here is my email address, apacap@comcast.net, Allen
  2. Hi Chip, waiting to hear from you, would you prefer I call you? Please send number and I will, thanks, Allen
  3. Hi Chip, I would like to buy the coils and possibly a few other parts, can you call me at 217 778 1425, thanks, Allen
  4. I have always been fascinated with these beautifully made early Stromberg wiper motors but have never been able to find one in excellent condition so as to make it operational. Well, I found one and I am reluctant to dig into it with out first knowing a little bit about what is inside so as not to create more problems than I can fix. Does anyone have a knowledge of how these come apart and how best to lubricate and service the internals? Thanks for any help, Allen
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