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  1. Well this is sad timing for me to read this. I just started looking for my dad's 68 z28 again. I know its a long shot, but I am gonna keep looking from time to time. Maybe I'll be the 1 in a million that finds it.
  2. Starting the hunt again. And the gentleman who was trying to get a hold of me has the original 302. That engine was taken out of the car at about 1000 miles.
  3. Just got some new details from dad. He sold it in 70/71 to one Lenard Roselle who lived in Cleveland. In the 80's someone called my grandparents' house looking for dad because they were restoring it and wanted to talk to the original owner, my grandpa didn't get the name or number from the guy and dad never actually got to talk to them. So I know the car was still alive in the 80's.
  4. It is a neat coincidence and the fact that the video is at a "Thompson" is very cool too, but dad's was street drive able, and he did take it on the street. I got very excited when I saw that video. Thank you very much for sharing it, dad is going to think it's awesome.
  5. I don't think that is it. His was set up for the drag strip not the road course. Thank you though, still going to try to contact him, even if it isn't it, Thompson was my dad's home racetrack, if this is the same Thompson speedway maybe he knows a guy who knows a guy who knows the car.
  6. I'll dig through boxes and find any pictures of the car we have. Dad bought it at Jackshaw Chevrolet in Cleveland on May 17, 1968. It is a burgundy z28, serial number 124378N421857. It would not be an original car, he bought it as a race car, had the motor out of it the moment he got it home, but the body was perfect when he sold it. Ideally I would like to find it and make an offer on it if the current owner is willing to part ways with it. Dad has had a crap ton of cars over the years, this is the one he talks about with the most longing, it's the one he regrets selling.
  7. Lump, My dad and I are in Miami Fl, but he is from Ohio, and that is where he sold the car, in Cleveland. It sounds like you know a bit about hunting cars in Ohio, am I better off going the social media and forums route, or try to get a hold of the DMV in Cleveland and see what I can do? Or maybe both and cross my fingers?
  8. I'm hunting for my dad's 1968 Camaro. I have the invoice from when he picked it up from the dealer. So I have the serial number but no details from the car after he sold it in 1970. Any suggestions on where I should start my search? Thanks!
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