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  1. Awesome. More pics of both please. Yeah we ended up taking the whole b pillar out completely so when you open up the suicide doors it’s just this huge open space. Looks awesome like a living room. The frame had to definitely be reinforced though. I won’t be at Detroit autorama this year unfortunately. I will be at the World of Wheels “Tin City” helping Voodoo Larry in the beginning of March. I do have door handles that I am willing to part with. However they are literally buried in storage in Chicago and wouldn’t be able to get to them until then. If your not in a hurry we can make it happen. Where do you live ZephyrDave?
  2. Sorry as I said i'm new to forums and first time posting. i'm located in southern California. I have the 48 club coupe here with me and will be doing the swap here. the 39 is currently in Chicago and at some point during this next year I will be driving out there from California to pick it up. so depending on who is interested and whether they want the 48 or 39 I will be/can be travelling with them and help with delivery between basically Los Angeles to Chicago. just for fun here are some before, during, and photoshop completion pics. 😀
  3. Hello I have never been on a board like this so I hope I'm doing this correctly. Just wanted to say hello and pass the word of some Lincoln Zephyr and Continental items I have to sell. The first is I have from my collection 1942, 1946, and 1948 VIN tags from the cowl for sale. I have club coupe, sedan, continental coupe, and continental cabriolet ones. I also have complete running gear (rear axle to all front suspension) for a 1939 Zephyr 4 door sedan and a 1948 Club coupe if anyone is interested. At some point I will probably get rid of all the side molding, trunk latches, emblems, door handles for the 2 cars. I'm sure most of you are purists but I'm making full customs out of them. I am looking for 1939 speedo/gauge cluster, 1939 clock, and one side of the cigarette lighter. I have a 1941 gauge cluster to sell or trade