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  1. Thanks keiser31!! They have a whole gasket set ill be ordering tomorrow. Couldn't find anything for rings or valve seats. Also would like to do the valves if I could but they may be hard to find. Viv w I'll check them out. That's my main concern is if I'm going to tear it apart I definitely need rings but not sure where to get them.
  2. So pretty new to the vintage car restorations so bear with me. I'm looking for a 26 F58 straight 4 engine rebuild kit. I've searched and searched but cant find even a head gasket. All I have come across is the straight 6s with all sorts of support. Anyone have any leads on where to find support parts? Also during my search I learned that Plymouth and Dodge used the straight 4 with a slightly bigger cu in. Would some of the gaskets and seals for those be the same?
  3. Both are beautiful cars!! Did you restore them yourself?? And where at in the Pacific northwest?
  4. Very nice looking survivor!! I just got my own 26 F58 four door. Can I ask you were you got parts for it?? I'm having a very hard time finding parts and also any leads or someplace to find a engine rebuild kit? Any help is appreciated.
  5. Mine is a Fisher body still has the cowl on it!!
  6. Thank you very much keiser31!! Any idea what the other numbers and letter mean??
  7. I hope I'm not intruding but I just acquired what i believe is a 1926 chrysler F58. Also is there anymore identification numbers that I should look for? Engine serial? Trans serial? Possibly a frame number? I'm completely new to the pre war era vehicles and dont know where to start for trying to find outside its history or to even find out if my car is original or not.
  8. Hey guys new to the forum and just picked up my first pre war vehicle. It's a 1926 Chrylser F58 and from what I can tell is all original. Currently trying to find previous owner information and some period correct parts to make the car complete. Last time it was registered was in 1968 and sat in a garage/storage unit for the last 50 years. Im looking for some help so I can do the restoration right. Need help with knowing what fluid to put in it, where to get parts and what are some places to find out some info/identify the car itself. I guess to start out with what oil recommendati
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