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  1. looking for the original part number for 1934 dodge 6 cylinder thermostat any help would be appreciated
  2. thanks for all the posts, lots to think about over the winter . Mike
  3. Thinking of changing my 6 volt generator to a 6 volt alternator on my 34 dodge . My generator just doesn't charge the battery every time, and I have been left stranded. I was told that it is very easy to remove the generator and replace with a 6 volt alternator. The advantage to keeping the system 6 volt is i will not need to change any other components ( bulbs, gauges ) , Suggestions , thoughts.
  4. sorry for the late reply , got called away from the project. Work keeps getting in the way. Thanks for the info
  5. going out now to put the oil on the fitting, thanks for the help and quick response
  6. 1934 dodge 6 cylinder , temp gauge stopped working last time I had the car out, the car didn't overheat and is now parked for the winter. I would like to resolve the problem during the storage months. What would be the first item to check? The needle moves up from bottom position a little but doesn't register the temp. MM
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