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  1. The headlight buckets are in good shape, I just picked up another set of lenses because one of these have a hole from a stone chip. The bezels have some pitting and the reflectors would need replated
  2. Sorry I do not, out of 3 cars I only have 1 usable dash. Thanks
  3. Got some hood hinges and many more goodies. This one is complete. Let me know if you need anything!
  4. Thanks for the info. Here is another picture. Judging by the angle of the upper brackets the rad mounting holes are on the back side indicating Chevy
  5. Can anyone identify this core support? It's similar to the 47-54 gmc but doesn't have the tabs that point forward. Chevy or 1.5 ton possibly? Thanks
  6. I contacted Ernie Loga,(very nice gentleman) he doesn't have any but informed me on the whereabouts of another 39 sedan parts car 😍 I think I have a problem lol. Here's the 39 Coupe I'm putting together edit: I haven't decided if im using the side trim yet, I will let you know if it becomes available
  7. I'm in Neillsville Wi. Pics of the parts car should work now
  8. I have the master body parts catalog but unfortunately everything forward of the cowl is listed in the chassis book that i don't have to cross reference years. Do they look like this?
  9. I am parting out a 1939 commander sedan if anyone in need of anything. I drove 1000 miles one way to buy this car for the grills and some other small items. the underside of the car and drive train is in very good shape compared to the rest of the car. Also, I am looking for hood hinges in any condition to use or to fabricate a new set from. call or text 7154290531