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  1. Looking to buy the following parts if anyone has and is willing to sell? One or Two – Head Lamp Door (Bezel) 9-3/4” Diameter (Part Number 44202) to mount on my four-pin bucket (Part Number 44957). {See Pictures} Two – Head Lamp Lens Gaskets (Part Number 32968) Two – Head Lamp Lens Retainers (Part Number 44205) Two – Head Lamp Reflectors (Part Number 44206) Two – Head Lamp Connectors (Part Number 44204) One – Fuse Box Holder Cover (Part Number 43956) Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  2. Well now that travel restrictions are being relaxed in Alberta it’s time to start doing some restoration work on the EJ. I could use help with the original routing, sizing and materials of the wiring loom (ie Armor steel or asphaltic cotton?) for the instrument board area and routing to headlights, taillight, generator, coil, etcetera. If anybody has some pictures or info they are willing to share it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Info I have for Dave Thibeault is 13 NICK LANE MAYNARD, MA 01754 phone Number 978-897-3158
  4. Thanks Bob, The sprocket that I need the most is the 15 tooth "Type 45" accessory shaft sprocket (hopefully you can find one in the totes from Scott). If you find the Type 45 cam and crank sprockets even better. The NOS Whitney chain is also of interest to me although from Studeboys post, (scan of his parts manual) it should be 125718? With Whitney stamped on the chain though the tag must be wrong. Will look forward to hearing from you next week on the results of your search for the sprockets. PS: on a side note during your search I am also looking for the fuse box cover (P/N 43956) should you come across one. Glen
  5. Thank you Bryan for the information provided about the different chains that can be used (I don't have the standard Six manual so didn't know that). Interestingly, it seems that Studebaker must have changed the requirement to have the sprockets stamped with Type 45 in the later years as the Light Six Service Manual write-up indicates they would be stamped (have attached a pic from the manual)? Hopefully Robert can find some, especially the 15 tooth accessory sprocket as this is the one that is chewed up on my car.
  6. Bob/Scott, Thanks for keeping up the search for the Type 45's. Much appreciated. Glen
  7. Hi Pete, Thank you for your post and information. While the car currently runs with the Remy 626K, I do have a passing interest in ultimately returning the car to its more original setup. If you have a 626A or K97 I would be interested in obtaining some pictures from you and also knowing what your asking price would be. My Email address is gpruden@telus.net Regards Glen
  8. Thank you Studeboy for providing more background information on the sprockets. Glen
  9. Robert, Agree entirely with Scott - family first then hobby/business. I am not in any urgent rush for the three sprockets. Best wishes for your wife's surgery and recovery. Regards, Glen
  10. Robert, I am hoping you can still find Type 45 sprockets. Studeboy noted above that they should be ; The cam shaft sprocket is part number 120006. The crankshaft sprocket is part number 120011. The accessory shaft sprocket is part number 120012 Thanks Glen
  11. Hi Scott, Thanks for responding to my post. I am interested in obtaining the distributor support housing with the older drive gear and a distributor gear as I believe I do have original sprockets and chain (I say believe, as neither the sprockets nor the chain have any identifying markings on them) (PS. You are dealing with a novice here who knows very little about old Stude's). Could you send (gpruden@telus.net) or post a couple of pictures so that I can better visualize the components? I am interested in your comment about "4 lobe" drive gear? - did the EJ's have a 12/4 (3.0 ratio) ignitor gear arrangement. (In my original post I mentioned a 15/5 setup which was maybe incorrect). I have sourced a Wagner coil already and am still hoping that Robert has the Type 45 sprockets. Pics of my spare sprockets and chain attached.
  12. Hi Bluetaxi The car as it currently sits does have quite a mix of components. Its one of those rarer versions that comes with two oil filler locations one based on the EJ and one based on an EM as you rightly noted. Its likely going to take me quite some time to rectify the anomalies Regards Glen
  13. Old Buicks 2, Thank you for the contact information. I was in touch with Tom late last year and managed to procure a 626K distributor cap, rotor and condenser from him. He was definitely great to deal with. Regards, Glen
  14. Good morning Robert, I have the 4 Sections of the 1919 to 1922 Parts Manual and the Light Six Service Manual but unfortunately do not have a parts manual for the 1923 EM's which is what I would need for getting numbers for the timing sprockets. The Light Six Service Manual (Insert No 60) indicates that "beginning with the 1923 EM Series cars at S/N 1,084,001 a new chain designated Type 45 was introduced. All sprockets used with the new chain will be stamped "Type 45" on the front face. The new accessory shaft sprocket has 15 teeth instead of the original 14 teeth." What I would need is the 42 tooth, 21 tooth and 15 tooth sprockets with "Type 45" stamped on them. Regards, GLen
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