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  1. Thank you Studeboy for providing more background information on the sprockets. Glen
  2. Robert, Agree entirely with Scott - family first then hobby/business. I am not in any urgent rush for the three sprockets. Best wishes for your wife's surgery and recovery. Regards, Glen
  3. Robert, I am hoping you can still find Type 45 sprockets. Studeboy noted above that they should be ; The cam shaft sprocket is part number 120006. The crankshaft sprocket is part number 120011. The accessory shaft sprocket is part number 120012 Thanks Glen
  4. Hi Scott, Thanks for responding to my post. I am interested in obtaining the distributor support housing with the older drive gear and a distributor gear as I believe I do have original sprockets and chain (I say believe, as neither the sprockets nor the chain have any identifying markings on them) (PS. You are dealing with a novice here who knows very little about old Stude's). Could you send (gpruden@telus.net) or post a couple of pictures so that I can better visualize the components? I am interested in your comment about "4 lobe" drive gear? - did the EJ's have a 12/4 (3.0 ratio) ignitor gear arrangement. (In my original post I mentioned a 15/5 setup which was maybe incorrect). I have sourced a Wagner coil already and am still hoping that Robert has the Type 45 sprockets. Pics of my spare sprockets and chain attached.
  5. Hi Bluetaxi The car as it currently sits does have quite a mix of components. Its one of those rarer versions that comes with two oil filler locations one based on the EJ and one based on an EM as you rightly noted. Its likely going to take me quite some time to rectify the anomalies Regards Glen
  6. Old Buicks 2, Thank you for the contact information. I was in touch with Tom late last year and managed to procure a 626K distributor cap, rotor and condenser from him. He was definitely great to deal with. Regards, Glen
  7. Good morning Robert, I have the 4 Sections of the 1919 to 1922 Parts Manual and the Light Six Service Manual but unfortunately do not have a parts manual for the 1923 EM's which is what I would need for getting numbers for the timing sprockets. The Light Six Service Manual (Insert No 60) indicates that "beginning with the 1923 EM Series cars at S/N 1,084,001 a new chain designated Type 45 was introduced. All sprockets used with the new chain will be stamped "Type 45" on the front face. The new accessory shaft sprocket has 15 teeth instead of the original 14 teeth." What I would need is the 42 tooth, 21 tooth and 15 tooth sprockets with "Type 45" stamped on them. Regards, GLen
  8. Hi Robert, Thank you for responding to my post. I live in Calgary Canada and have the car located on a farm about 5 hours drive north from Calgary. The option of going to Joliet later on this summer is a possibility although it makes for quite a round trip from Calgary. Is it possible for you to do a little digging at your own pace of course to see if you have the 42-21-15 sprockets? It would help make the trip more worthwhile from my perspective? Glen gpruden@telus.net
  9. Good day to all you Studebaker owners out there. I have inherited a 1921 – 1923+ “hybrid” Studebaker Roadster from my father and I am trying to complete its restoration. I say hybrid because the engine S/N is 33980, the chassis S/N is 1,020,078 and the body S/N 100,054. The body has a cowl vent, side lights on the windshield frames and rectangular holes where the rain shields get installed. It has a Wagner starter (EM356A), Wagner generator (EM-355) but has a Remy coil and Remy 626K (1925?) distributor mounted on a 45347 -2 distributor support bracket with 14/5 tooth igniter gears. I will be asking members of the forum for assistance in obtaining mechanical parts that I will need for its restoration and for obtaining your input on technical assistance that I will most certainly need. My more immediate needs would be for mechanical type parts and in particular for ignition/timing components. While the car does run with the parts it has, I am hoping to find a set of 1923 EM Type 45 timing sprockets with the 15 tooth accessory drive sprocket. (42-21-15) as this would match the current igniter gear ratio of 2.8 to 1. (I understand from the paperwork I obtained that the car current has a 1927 – 15 tooth sprocket installed that has been badly damaged after only about 40 hrs of operation). Another option I have would be to source the earlier distributor support bracket (43572 or 45183 and igniter gears in a 15/5 configuration compatible with the Remy 626K ) as I do have the original (42-21-14) sprockets and timing chain for the motor (Casting date 91721). Having said all that does anyone have; 1. A set of good condition 1923 EM timing sprockets they are willing to part with? 2. Earlier distributor support bracket and 15/5 igniter gears that they are willing to part with? Looking forward to any feedback you may have. Thanks Glen