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  1. Much appreciated...thnx!
  2. (Not sure if I'm in the correct thread) My mother and I are now in the middle of cleaning out my stepdads house (lots of stuff) and we found some of these which I am trying to identify. I was told, "they go to a Franklin air cooled motor". Our main thing is to identify (all his unmarked parts from over many years) and see if they are worth anything so we can sell. Any help is much appreciated even if just pointing us in a direction. thnx. sambo NH
  3. My father bought these True Spoke rims which were an eccentric lug pattern (and a pain in the ass) and bias 3" WW's back in the 70's and had them on ever since. Before he passed, he always said he wished he had the originals back on there. I picked these stock rims up last winter and got new rubber this year and this is how they look now. ds
  4. 1973 Centurion 350 / before and after showing stock wheels... ds
  5. I will get the rim size this week. Underneath the "60" it shows 5 1/2 (five and a half). I will verify all this later this week. I'm asking $100. ea., but this could change once I get the application on them. Thnx for your reply. ds
  6. I'm trying to figure out what vehicle/s these tires fit. They say US Royal Master 760-60 on them. WW's and I have only three. I got them out of a barn and they actually seem to be in good condition with no cracks at all. I believe they have never been mounted/used. I remember seeing somewhere this size fit a 1950's Chrysler "concept" car but I'm not sure. I'm actually selling them but have no idea what the application would be. I did clean up one wheel to see if the dirt would come off and it did clean up well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. sambo42xa Southern, NH-USA