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  1. I just recently joined the AACA after being inspired by John Sherman's "All Original Cars" Facebook group. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to become the caretaker of this 43,883.6-mile 1951 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe Eight 4-Door Sedan back on June 8. The car had been parked by its original owner in 1969 and only became public after the family's estate sale in May. Since writing the article linked below, I have started the cleaning and detailing process. Other than some rust in the rockers, the rest of the car seems to be solid, and the original paint is in really good shape! I
  2. A friend of mine found this picture (taken around 1950) of his grandparents and their Pontiac Streamliner. From this view alone, can anyone tell definitively whether this is a '42, '46, or '47? I believe all three model years could have the same side trim, but I believe '42s had an additional side spear above the fender line (making me think this is a '46 or '47). Were there differences in the tail lights between these three years? Thanks!
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