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  1. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to all, by reading most of your post and comments I don't have to ask many questions. As my boss just perched a 1941 Buick Special with dual carbs. Before and after I tuned it up it has a bad ( I don't know how to explain it ) but it's like it has an on and off switch at half throttle but if you go to wide open throttle it don't miss a beat. Now if you go to wide open from an idle it's has no problem. Does anybody have any info for me ? Thanks Vic
  2. Hi Everybody, I'm working on 1933 Buick series 90. I was reading post from other questions on this site. They were talking about the oil filter (or lack of) on a 1936 the the same apply to the 1933. Shouls I feave the thing alone and just change the oil. It calls for 20w nondetergent and I was given 30w. non d. I know weight is baced on temperature so the 30 w should be ok am I right?