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  1. Thank you. Thank you! I’m goin for lo-buck right! Willing to splurge for what works. Not willing to waste my time with unnecessary “progress”. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone. Chad here working on getting my first car back on the road. 1937 plymouth p4. First system is the brakes. I have the drums and shoes at the machine shop and I am very keen on sealing up the system (grease and oil seals) as prudence dictates. I DO NOT want to reinvent the wheel or seals for that matter. Pfitz, I have taken your advice and have the felt of the front(riveted to the backing plate) seals soaking in thinner. I have owned the car for 30 years and don’t know the history previous to that. The other seals on the wheels(bolted to the rear backing plate and pressed into the front drum) are rubber. There is a cavity on the front seal where felt might have been removed at some point. Any advice on keeping grease and oil from the brakes is greatly appreciated.