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  1. I wasn't able to find a serial number on the frame but there was a lot of dirt and old grease buildup, so I'll keep searching. Do you know if there is any other place on the body with the body number other than the firewall tag? Thanks
  2. Wow, thanks for all the useful info! I really appreciate it. I had no Idea there was such a dedicated following of these cars. I feel like I should clarify that the only crack (that I know of) is on the water jacket just below the manifolds, you can sort of see it in the pictures-- the light brown line on the side. We are still debating whether to weld it or grind it down and use JB weld; I want to take as little of the engine apart as i have to, and as long as we do it right it shouldn't be noticeable from under the manifolds. Based on what I can tell its a 132" wheelbase series 60 coupe, model 68 with the original black and maroon paint. Pretty Cool! The engine is a different matter, from what I've seen engines were originally painted black or light green, this ones painted red for some reason, could this mean that its been out of the car before? And is there any way to tell if its the right 6-cylinder engine for the year (and maybe the original engine)? The only serial number i could find was on the drivers side of the engine: 228257-M-2.
  3. Hi there, I was wondering if I could get some help identifying a '30 Buick that my grandfather has had in storage forever. I've been trying to find information online about the 1930 models but I haven't been able to get anything much. As far as i can tell it is a model 58 or 68 with the Opera Coupe body. Is there any way to tell based on the job and body numbers? Most importantly, my grandpa was always certain that it was a McLaughlin Buick; that's what he was told when he bought it, and McLaughlin is printed on the Buick emblem between the headlights. However it has a Fisher firewall tag, and other McLaughlin's that I've seen have a GM Canada plaque with much more information on it. Is there any way to tell if this is a Canadian or American car? This car has been sitting almost since my Grandfather bought it 30 years ago, it was running when he first got it but unfortunately it was stored overwinter one season without any antifreeze. It completely destroyed the radiator and put a foot long crack in the side of the block. We replaced the ruined rad with a modern one this past spring and I have the manifolds off right now to expose the crack, but we're still not quite sure how we want to fix it. Sorry for the mess around the car, I hope to get it moved out into the open in the spring.
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