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  1. Thanks guys, I will start cleaning it up. All the parts that you saw are not installed, they were just put into that area to ease in shipment. I live in Colorado. I saw the restoration project online from NY, obviously Leno's car and a couple of others. In all honesty if I could just get it going I would go that route. Even if it meant using old golf cart parts. I don't even know if the motor turns at all. I guess I'll just start to clean it up then. I'll also look into Hershey, I am assuming PA right? Thanks again!
  2. This is a Baker that I got from my dad who got it from his dad and the last known date that it was out of the garage was 1967. I believe a lot of parts are missing and I really don't have the expertise for this style of car. But I would hate it to go to waste. Here are some pics, let me know where to start, what to do, is this a feasible project, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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