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  1. Hi all... hope you're all doing well and Covid-free ... Ours is still looking for a new home .... would be a perfect original match to the bleu one :-)
  2. That's right .. and we can easily ship it to the US :-)
  3. anyone more info on this car or person ? this might be our car prior to 1964 ...
  4. So nice to know the coupé is in good hands :-)
  5. We bought ours in Sweden in 1995 … can you mail me a copy of the article ? Thanks
  6. It's very much alike .. probably it is ..
  7. Yes defnitively .. I'll send you a private message.
  8. The engine color was normally more darkgreen. Here a mistake happened by giving the paint brand and number to the shop. They painter used that number with his brand of paint and it became this very distinctive/original yelowish color.
  9. We did some mechanical jobs on the car the previous weekends to restart it... All is working well and it starts at first crank.
  10. Hello, done some research in my archives and found this in a ReoClub Pdf: The 8-25 and 8-21 Flying Cloud 8s relied upon the 5-main bearing, 268 cubic inch, 90 hp Continental R-800 designed and produced for REO by Muskegon’s Continental Motors. Both engines were state-of-the-art designs and utilized modern aluminum pistons, counterbalanced crankshafts and were both statically and dynamically balanced. Hope this was usefull. best regards
  11. I added pictures of the interior. We've done some minor mechanic jobs the last weekends. Car starts at first crank and everything is working. Next on the agenda we've planned to go to the car inspection to be able to drive again on public roads. Updat follows soon. ATB
  12. Hello, It's definitely a 5 seater… no 'strapontins' and you're right about the pictures ..I wans't aware they're not posted :-( I will add som of the inside too … Monday i'm back and will modify this Car is at my brothers place in the region of Namur. Happy New Year to all of you.
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