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  1. you got it.....when I get the parts, I will be sure to feel from the seat of my pants cause nothing else works on me. Thanks to all you knowledgeable fellows for holding my hand thru this fun adventure. Dennis
  2. Tom, first thanks for the response. Here is the cars cowl tag plate, the engine stamps and the plate from the passenger side of the tranny. Seems to me that the OP had an engine and tranny swap from a 1964. The tranny plate reads 6D - 64 77536 as seen.
  3. Well here is my filter for my transmission and I only have a two speed transmission. I would like more clarification......please. I still don't know what Transmission I have. It is a 1964 trans, but what kind I am still stumped. this a picture of the filter.
  4. Well thanks to Steve, Winston and Ed. I have rechecked the engine block per Ed and now things have changed. My '63 body Riv has a '64 401 cu in engine married up to a 64 trans........ Now to see how the ST400 tranny gasket looks. Thanks to all......got to keep theoldman straight......
  5. Please Steve, where on the pan? here is the pan picture:
  6. Hey, I am soooooo confused now i need to ask you experts about what transmission I have in my 63 Riviera. Sorry up front but here is what I found under the car. I have a 13 bolt pan and a metal plate on the passenger side with the nomenclature printed on it that reads 6D - 64 77536 on the plate. I looked for a pan gasket and found that there are many more holes in them than the 13 holes in my gasket. this is the one from CARS for a 1963 Riviera This one looks more like the pan gasket configuration that I have. So, what transmission goes with this gasket? .
  7. Sorry, you are correct. The '64s are scripted on the right side....my BAD. Also I found them on rebay from bestoffercounts. they are rectangle in shape measuring 7/32" by 3/16". Thanks for all who answered....that helped me figure out what they were.
  8. I am starting to gather parts for my '63 Riv so it can be put together after paint. I just took the "BUICK" letters off the deck lid and see that they were held in with some kind of fasteners. Can anyone tell me where these can be found to purchase? Are the letters on a '64 the same? Mine are in good shape just want to know for later. Thanks in advance.
  9. Gene's email is abandg@aol.com
  10. Thanks to all for the replies. I will be touching base with you to chat about these items. Thanks again. P.S. Hate to have someone tear off parts when they really don't know how to do it. Dennis in Denver.
  11. Hello again, Is there anyone out there that reproduces the drip rails for our 1963 Rivieras? I have a set that looks like they were taken off with a pair of side cutters. Pretty marred up. Thanks in advance.
  12. I need to do the same to mine. Always wondered how this could be done. Thanks.
  13. Thanks to all. Very great information. I will go to Clarks Corvair and see what they have. It sounds like they might be the go to place to get one.
  14. For those of you who replaced the headliner in your '63 Riviera, can you help and tell me what material was used or the pattern that came in the car for replacement purposes, please? I am going to replace mine as it looks original. This liner is very old and brittle. I touch it and it falls apart. Here are two pictures of the one in the car now:
  15. Just had the same problem....was the diodes in the alternator. replaced and fixed.
  16. Nice ride. I like the wheels even though they're not original. Are you going to leave then on the car? I would. RivNut:: Yes I am.... love those wheels.
  17. watch me......when all said and done all I need to do is push a button or 4 of them and all windows down.
  18. Just picked up a 63 Riv cause I have loved the styling of this car forever. With every car purchase a little blood and tears has to fall to get it in shape as the way the new owner would like it. I have given much to the blood bank and lots left on the garage floor. I told myself 'never again' but here I go. just a couple of pics:
  19. Ed, I have all that and more. I need to get the motor, tracks, and glass out but if the window doesn't move in the tracks what is the best way to get all that finger pinching equipment out of that tinny winny hole they give us? I will try and find the other thread to see what is being talked about.
  20. Sorry.....get ahead of myself sometime......1963 Buick Riviera 401 ci 2 speed auto.... I might have called the window wrong.....the drivers side door window is called the drivers side door window and I know how to take the outer door skin off....... The window behind the door on the drivers side in the quarter panel is called ______? That's the one I can' get down.
  21. Okay, now I am into fixing all the problem areas of this car. I have already fixed the power seat, (have it still out of the car so I can get under the dash), rear quarter panel, engine leaks, you know the usual maintenance stuff other people seem to not do. I have ordered all manuals for this car but they are not here yet and I need to remove the drivers power rear quarter window that is stuck in the up (closed) position to get it working. I have completed taking everything apart and am now trying to get the window down some so I can start taking it out. PROBLEM: can't seem to figure out how to start. I have tried to get info from other sources, but can't seem to find anywhere where to start. Dennis
  22. Jim Cannon - It looks like you are correct..One side of the quart cylinder has a tag on it stating H2O OUT, the other says SOR (Sensor). It looks like it is a HHO generator.
  23. gungeey - Here are two pictures under the air cleaner. Sorry, I just had the car delivered Sunday. First real chance I had to go over the whole car. There was no special equipment under the air cleaner top. The hose laying on the valve cover was just screwed into the top.
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