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  1. 303 elbert county, co
  2. Thanks John. It takes a while to put back a car to somewhat original condition. Sure things are not exactly the way the factory put it together, but it looks great and runs fine. Don't hurry the process. enjoy the time working on it. This is not the only ride I completed. Been doing this for years. Just my first Riv.
  3. Finally finished as far as I want to go this year.....driving great and having a good time.
  4. I also placed my "63 on my two post lift and used the frame for lifting points. I will never pick up a car or truck anywhere else than the frame. BTW, the "63 balanced very nicely on the two post. Will these cars ever go up in value?
  5. BTW, Thanks Tom (telriv) for helping me understand better the workings of the Nailhead engines in the first gen Riv's. Took it out today and ran fairly well. Still needs adjustments for altitude, but went down the road very well..
  6. Yes Ed , sorry i meant an AVS2....right now The car came with an Edelbrock 1411 750 CFM that's why I asked. The car went from Chicago 597 ft altitude to Denver area with 6120 feet . Too rich for the area. Yes I can and have changed many carbs for this place but thought someone might have had experience with a different setup....I will just adjust the carb. Thanks to all.
  7. Just curious, has anyone installed an Edelbrock MVS2 650 CFM onto a 401 Nailhead? Was the original carb a 750 CFM? Thansk in advance Denis
  8. Ha, I just went through this and did this. Gasket just for square hole carb on manifold, ( no cutout for the crossover ), shield next, then gasket for the carb. I figure ( probably wrong ) if the heat will dissipate better before getting to the shield then disparate even more before the carb. IMHO. Dennis.
  9. When I did my doors and windows, I used the 1963 Buick Riviera Body Service Manual and in section 2 it guided me through how to adjust the windows and doors. I also rebuilt the doors with all new rubber and weatherstripping. I found that the doors were hard to close, but they are now starting to close better. For the window adjustments, I had to slowly play with them to get the adjustment I thought was good. Dennis
  10. I agree whole heartily, around me they are chain stores and are NOT locally owned. If any of them were, I certainly would be a customer.
  11. got it. thanks......went toTA Perf. give business to others rather than local auto parts store.
  12. Hello. Before i take the valve lifter cover off the 401 I would like to know if there is some kind of gasket that goes between the lifter cover and the top of the block. Been reading my manuals and the forum but can't find info on this issue. Thanks in advance. DENNIS
  13. So, I just replaced both sides and I purchased them from BestOfferCounts LLC. James Kehr 215-767-0845. Did the same as Chasander did NP. Mine had only 6 pins on them. Seafoam65 is correct about the way he said to do it.....I used black weatherstrip adhesive for the letters on the back of the trunk and in 24 hrs it was totally stuck on.
  14. On my '63 I just started at the back of the trim and used a wood chisel to start the trim sliding off the ends. Then I used the chisel to pry it up off the center section.
  15. I need to replace these and these don't look like body mount rubber. Can someone tell me if they are or are they radiator mounts? I have installed the body mount kit already and ran out of the 10 mounts I purchased before I got to this. Thanks for the help in advance. Dennis
  16. I second what Riviera63 said. I have purchased cheap gaskets from another place like RivNut suggested and they were not to my standard. Steele products for the rear are good.
  17. Great job RockinRiviDad. I also repaired my tabs and used JB WELD CLEARWELD two part plastic epoxy to glue my metal pieces onto the console. Just installed my console and the tabs never budged. I am like a bull in a glass house so if stuff stays after I install it, I know it's fixed for a long time.
  18. Well Doug and Brian, I am also in the process of refinishing the inside of my '63 and was wondering, did the carpet go down before the console went in or is it the other way? Both of your cars look great. Nice job. Dennis
  19. WOW, again confusion on my part. My mirrors have the rhombus (square) not the oval escutcheon. I thought my car was a 1963. Correct me if I am wrong,, here is my data plate. Did any of the 1963 Riv's come with the square escutcheon cause mine has it?
  20. You are going to have to remove the entire cowl panel to gain access to fasteners on the back side of the trim pieces. Ed is correct, screws at the rear under the vents.
  21. Hi Gene, didn't know there is a size difference. What do I measure?
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