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  1. At Dynaflash8: You mean the fender welt that goes down under the headlights between the front screen and the grille? this fender welt I see more on pictures of this year. how does it look like? do you have a picture of it?
  2. Hello, we need the complete seats + complete dashboard + carpet: the car unfortunately had an internal fire. the text around the photo has been added by the previous owner. I want to have the military history clear of the car before making a decision to repair the car or sell it again in this state. Also in my opinion it has been a civilian version that may have been used by the Germans in the Ardennes.
  3. Hello, Thank You very much for the information: I simply have too little experience with buick so far and too little time to really figure it out. We need the whole inside of the car: seats + dashboard, etc. I will contact Dave Tacheny wenn i find the time. our passion lies with war vehicles, so maybe in Europe look for the exact history of the car. thank you all for your help and quick reactions: I appreciate very much. Greetings from Holland Rick
  4. Hi guys, find attached a picture of data plates, seems that the car was released in antwerp belgium, in my opinion therefore in all likelihood used by the germans, but never as a USA staf car is there anybody who cann tell us where we cann find (used) parts of the inside for the car ? greetings from Holland, Rick
  5. Hello, The car was found 1980 in Holland near Belgium by a farm in bad condition was repainted in the 80’s (1st picture) was repainted around 1994-1995 (2nd and 3rd picture) Car was possible used by the Germans in Bastogne (last owner told me it’s our car shown on the last picture below) i hoped to find out some information / history by vin number, maybe it’s possible to find out by build-formular, our doesn’t exist such formular by Buick (i also own a dodge wc51, for this type of cars it exists) for this car i also need t
  6. Hello, we are from Holland, we are the owner of a Buick Eight Staff CAR. car was used in 2nd worldwar as staff car, most problaby in Belgium Ardennes cann anybody help u's to find out (Some) war-history of the car ? vin nummer: 13475031. thanks a lot. regards Rick
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