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  1. Good Morning 

    the bill of sale and title says 1950 , So that’s what I was going by 


    You were right the plate says 51 and the bill of sale does also , the serial numbers match the title that says it's a 1950 I posted a pic of it.    

    The owner had the car painted when he bought it , the owners daughters in law told me that apparently he didn't like the factory color.      Wish they could paint cars like that now.  

  2. 1950 Super Dynaflow for sale.    Automatic.  Straight 8.   I'm the second owner.  I bought it off the original owners family 

    in 1990 I believe .    Been garage stored all of its life.   Interior is perfect.  Body has no rust but a few scratches ,. Bumpers need re chromed .  Runs and drives but I haven't drove it for a couple years.   Original bill of sale and build sheets.  Color is bluish green , 4 door,  everything is all original, it originally had a rubber floor mat in the front and the back had carpet, back carpet is excellent, front rubber mat is gone it had broken into pieces years ago    Contact me at rlbrewer1953@gmail.com or Phone or Text  304-290-3962 and leave a message.

    7500.00 .    

    50 buick 2.JPG

    50 buick 3.JPG

    50 buick 6.JPG





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