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  1. Quinton Walls

    364 4bbl Intake and Carb

    Carb and intake are sold
  2. Quinton Walls

    1958 Buick Super 4dr parts

    I finally got it home. 1958 Buick Super 4dr. 300hp 364 4bbl. Original transmission all of the glass is in ok shape. Has aluminum drums on front, steel on rear. Most of the trim is here and in good shape (should clean up to driver quality pretty easily). The plastic is still on the seats. Lots of good useable parts and some repairable ones too. Let me know what you need and we'll figure out a price. Located in Bell Buckle Tn
  3. Quinton Walls

    364 4bbl Intake and Carb

    I definitely will.
  4. Quinton Walls

    364 4bbl Intake and Carb

    I'm hoping to finally get my car home on Friday. Mine is a 58 Super 4dr. I will have a complete 364 4bbl engine, transmission, lots of trim, seats, windows, and other parts. I'm not looking to get rich of this car or the parts. EXAMPLE: If the part you want is valued at $100 + shipping then I would prefer you not have more than the $100 in the part shipping included. Or I will sell the car whole. I do not have a title.
  5. Quinton Walls

    364 4bbl Intake and Carb

    Are you still in need of Nailhead parts? I just got a 1958 Buick Super that has the 300hp 364 4bbl in it. All original. I'm either going to part the car out or sell it complete. It's rough but has some really good parts on it.