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  1. Here is some more info: Frame Serial Number: 8000251 Engine Serial Number: UT21417 I didn't get a chance to measure the wheelbase, but I'm sure it is going to be 109 because of the serial number and size of the truck (it is a small truck), 1/2 ton. So far I have had no luck finding the drivers door. A guy in Los Angeles listed a 1930 body with doors on letgo, but hasn't responded to my emails.
  2. Hi 30DodgePanel, I will get you the Frame #, wheelbase, engine#, etc. I don't have anything from the Chrysler museum database. We are in San Diego, CA. Only about 5 hours from Phoenix. I would love to have the info for the 80 acres of parts and for Bob Scafani. We intend to restore the truck. It is fairly complete. Need the driver's door, and we need to replace rotted wood throughout the truck, replace the top, etc. Almost have the engine running. Not sure what else because we just got it. Thanks! Charlie
  3. Thank you for the replies. Not sure what happened to the original door. Sadly the guy we got this from didn't have it and didn't know what happened to it. I will take a look at the 1929-31 Plymouth and DeSoto doors, Thanks! It is not running yet, but the engine turns over and we will get it running soon!
  4. Looking for driver's side door for 1930/1931 Dodge Brothers merchant Truck. See pictures