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  1. A lot of great shots on the Queensland Rail Flickr page here: Queensland Rail | Flickr
  2. That Simca Vedette looks great! I think they had a small version of the Ford Flathead V8.
  3. It might be worth posting these on the Coachbuild.com European forum. Someone there might know of a coachbuilder in Odense. https://www.coachbuild.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=220 The drawing with the Hoffman front wheel drive setup is interesting. I don't imagine any of those ever got built.
  4. That photo is from the 1932 Salon de la Machine Agricole held at the Port of Versailles Exhibition Centre (19-24 January). The page below with 11 images shows one of these tractors pulling a combine harvester in one of the French colonies.
  5. It's a Franklin Black Maria/Paddy Wagon circa 1910. I think they stopped making these in 1912, maybe some Franklin guys have more details? Here's a photo of one of these with 1919 DC plates. I imagine it would have been quite outdated by then. Note there's something missing off the front, a siren or alarm bell maybe? You can download a very high resolution scan of this photo from the Library of Congress website here (choose either of the TIFF options): https://www.loc.gov/item/2016855436/ http://www.dcmetropolicecollector.com/MPD-Past-Fleet.html
  6. The project is a 10 hour round trip from where I am. I've picked up most of the loose items and will collect the chassis in the next few weeks. The car was uted at some point in its life. The farmer who I am buying the project off acquired the sheet metal for a Model 66 Tudor so it could be either rebuilt as a ute or a Tudor.
  7. Apparently it was filmed in Hawaii. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1167375/Instant-vomit-The-Thorn-Birds-author-gives-damning-verdict-iconic-TV-series.html
  8. Ford Model T with a home made body & metal cover plates to hide/dress up the wooden spoke wheels.
  9. Thanks Mal. The guy with the parts was going to take them to some guy in or near Moss Vale with an antique shop if I couldn't find anyone interested. I'll probably message him to do that. He couldn't remember the exact name of the place. The only place around there I can think of is Grandpa's Shed at Fitzroy Falls.
  10. It's in Cabramatta. If you're interested PM me your number and I can SMS the guy's details.
  11. That's an interesting motor. I wonder if it's built from plans from Model Engineer magazine or something similar? The Smokstak forum has a vintage outboard motor forum. It might be worth posting there. Here is an ad for a Cross Radial from a 1929 issue of Outboard Motor Boating magazine.
  12. The parts are in Sydney, Australia. They're about an hour's drive away, with a $15 toll each way. I'll take more photos next time I'm in the area.
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