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  1. Apparently it was filmed in Hawaii. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1167375/Instant-vomit-The-Thorn-Birds-author-gives-damning-verdict-iconic-TV-series.html
  2. Ford Model T with a home made body & metal cover plates to hide/dress up the wooden spoke wheels.
  3. Thanks Mal. The guy with the parts was going to take them to some guy in or near Moss Vale with an antique shop if I couldn't find anyone interested. I'll probably message him to do that. He couldn't remember the exact name of the place. The only place around there I can think of is Grandpa's Shed at Fitzroy Falls.
  4. It's in Cabramatta. If you're interested PM me your number and I can SMS the guy's details.
  5. That's an interesting motor. I wonder if it's built from plans from Model Engineer magazine or something similar? The Smokstak forum has a vintage outboard motor forum. It might be worth posting there. Here is an ad for a Cross Radial from a 1929 issue of Outboard Motor Boating magazine.
  6. The parts are in Sydney, Australia. They're about an hour's drive away, with a $15 toll each way. I'll take more photos next time I'm in the area.
  7. The items are on the other side of town. I'll try and take better individual photos if I make it back there before they are moved on. One item per post - noted.
  8. That was filmed in Prague. The whole film is on youtube. Here are a few scenes of interest to car enthusiasts: https://youtu.be/GcNVwxm6Dy0?t=2256 https://youtu.be/GcNVwxm6Dy0?t=3228 https://youtu.be/GcNVwxm6Dy0?t=1169 https://youtu.be/GcNVwxm6Dy0?t=1400 https://youtu.be/GcNVwxm6Dy0?t=5718
  9. Does anyone recognise these items? They were on their way to the scrapyard. The hubcap looks like it says Chandler and the steering box has Gemmer 35D cast into it.
  10. Looks a bit like the Vengabus. https://youtu.be/6Zbi0XmGtMw?t=1
  11. It's not a very clear photo but that second car could be a Delaunay Belleville HB4 or HB6. What was your great grandfather's background?
  12. Sorry, I don't know the difference between P4 and P4B. Attached is a page out of Omnia magazine from January 1st 1924. The photo is of the 25/30CV six cylinder. It looks like the bonnet on the car in your photo is shorter which would make it the 12CV 4 cylinder. The article mentions the 4 cylinder car will do 100kmh and has Perrot brakes on all 4 wheels which is essential for safety at high speed. CV is Cheval Vapeur which is the power rating.
  13. I think it's a Delaunay Belleville P4B. They made some really great cars, especially pre World War One. The first getaway car was a Delaunay Belleville circa 1911, stolen and used by the French anarchist group La Bande a Bonnot.
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