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  1. thehandleman, any chance you have a "thermostat housing" for a U motor, 4cyl, (mine does not have a tstat in it currently, not even sure if they're supposed to)? Mine has a large crack in it
  2. Ah yes, the power of reading things correctly.......Thank you I've emailed him.
  3. No worries. That forum is still down, are you admin for it?
  4. Ok, as soon as I have an inventory I will need parts, that's for sure, any chance you have some running boards? I know off the bat that's one thing I need.
  5. Its still down unfortunately
  6. Unfortunately Registration has been disabled on that forum ?
  7. Hey John, i've posted all that I have for right now, hopefully they upload correctly.
  8. Hi there Plymouth peeps, I just took delivery of a 1930 Plymouth 30u in a pretty torn down state, i'm looking for someone with a complete running one that I can talk to, get pictures from etc. so I can try to piece mine together, linkages are disconnected, lines and wires are cut so its quite the project. I already bought the parts list book so hopefully when that comes it will be a good reference, until then, anyone out there?