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  1. There were only 640 convertibles made and Ive been able to locate less than 10 in the last few years. The car isn't missing much and comes with 98% of the parts and original interior.
  2. Seller is asking $50k , very solid and complete car that has a rebuilt v12. For more photos and information please call or text owner at 9792510837
  3. Selling my very complete and solid 39 Convertible with original interior and rebuilt v12. Car is located in Austin Texas 9792510837- Jared
  4. I’m trying to find a replacement window regulator for a 39 drivers coupe door. Can anyone confirm if there are any other years that use that same regulator?
  5. Long time lurker first time poster. I recently picked up a 39 coupe door missing the window regulator . From what I understand Lincoln used the same regulator from 37-39 on the coupes, sport sedans, and convertibles. Can anyone confirm that to be true and if so does anyone have a left hand side for sale?
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