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  1. I have a trunk lid, hood, and tail light for a 1936 dodge touring sedan. The trunk lid and hood are in good condition and the trunk lid has the dodge brothers emblem on it. The hood is in good shape, but I do not have any pictures of it right now. The tail light is in good structural condition but I doubt any of the wiring works and the glass was broken. For the Packard I have a four inner door trim panels, a rear view mirror bracket, and possibly some door handles if there is interest. Please make an offer on and if more pictures are needed let me know. If shipping is desired it will be from Montana.
  2. Thanks for the help guys! For the parts I am selling it will be the rear trunk lid, hood (which I can get pictures in a couple weeks), and a brake light from the dodge. For the Packard it will just be the floor panels, a couple door handles, and some minor interior pieces. Also as for the trunk handle I would rather just sell it as whole for now, but if that changes keiser31 will be first in line for the handle.
  3. Here are some pictures for you guys. I also have a rear tail light from the dodge that is is in good condition but doesn't have the glass. I also have the folding hood to the dodge that is in pretty good shape. Let me know if you need more information.
  4. Thanks for the info guys, I can get some pictures loaded up tomorrow, thanks again for the help. Also I am sure that the letter is T, I can upload a picture of it tomorrow.
  5. Hi, I recently came across an old Packard and dodge brothers sedan. I am trying to identify exactly what vehicle they came off the dodge brothers Vehicle number is D233366TS. The Packards number is 992 I2599. I also have some parts off of these that I would be looking to sell, so any advice on where to sell them and how to get an accurate price would be greatly appreciated.
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