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  1. Thanks for all of the replies, Hupmobile and Cameron are cars that I have never heard of before. I copied the photo of the 1910 Cameron "Six Flyer" and compared the photos. The front springs look the same to me but the photo of the Cameron has what looks like a tool box on the driver side running board and the photo that I posted has a tank of some sort on the running board. I did post this photo on the "What Is It" Forum. Thank You, the Bum
  2. Hello, I posted this photo on the General Discussion Forum and was told to try posting it on this forum. This photo was taken on 15 May, 1919, probably taken in Atlantic City, NJ. My Grandmother is sitting on the front of the hood. I have this photo on my Tree on and would like to identify the car if possible. Thank You, the Bum
  3. The steering wheel may be made of wood and possibly wrapped to protect it. Just a guess.
  4. Hello, I am hoping that someone will be able to give me more info about this car which I believe is a Stutz Bearcat. The photo, according to the Date written on the back of the photo, was taken on 15 May, 1919, I presume in Atlantic City, New Jersey. My Grandmother is sitting on the front of the hood. I do have the name of who I believe was the owner, who was from Philadelphia, PA and Atlantic City, New Jersey, if that would be helpful. I would like to add this info to my Tree on . Thank You