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  1. For a little bit of newbie humor, I had no idea where the front fitting was until I looked at your photo and went out to find mine under the hub between the fan and pulley. Well, believe it or not, it's the same fitting (photo attached). A concern with this one is if it leaks or otherwise needs to be serviced, it's not easy access like the back fitting. Anyway, I now know it's there and will be paying attention to both of the fittings.
  2. Thanks Spinneyhill, a grease cup or fitting would certainly be easier to deal with. The owner's manual describes how oil placed into the water pump bushing oiler is supposed to seep through porous bronze bearings and lubricate the shaft, so it looks like the design is for oil lubrication. Regarding the leak, hopefully it's either that the fitting wasn't in tightly (it wasn't) or that the bushing hadn't been oiled for so long that it had essentially dried out.
  3. Thanks all for the responses; so glad I found the ACAA forum! The owner's manual for my 29 Dodge (The model is "DA six") provides that the "water pump bushing oiler" should be lubricated with engine oil every 2000 miles. It goes on to state that besides protecting the surface of the bushings, the oil prevents coolant from leaking out of the oil holes. I'm not sure I'm interpreting that correctly, but I think it means that if the oil bushing reservoir is properly filled with oil, coolant should not leak out of the oil fitting. Anyway, I removed the fitting, filled the reservoir with about a half teaspoon of oil (that's all it would take), and replaced the fitting. The fitting is not threaded; it's just a push-in plug (which I find odd, and I guess means the fitting is not subject to the normal pressure of the cooling system). So far it's not leaking but I haven't run the engine yet. It was previously leaking with the engine running or not running. I've attached two photos of the fitting in place. Thanks!
  4. Good Day farrellg, I'm having the exact same problem with my 29 Dodge water pump bushing oiler that you sought advice for in June 2012 for your 31 Plymouth (The bushing oiler on top of the water pump is leaking cooling system fluid). Can you share any information on how you may have solved the problem (short of rebuilding the water pump)? Thanks, pseibert.