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  1. Pending something happening in the exchange process - this car is sold. I appreciate the assistance, support and comments of the folks on this forum.
  2. Unless something goes awry in the exchange process, this car has been sold. It is going to an individual and his dad in MD who will complete the assembly - very happy for them and the sedan. I appreciate everyone's insight and comments. Pete
  3. @West Peterson and @franklinman. I have added shots of the side mount fenders and interior. The fenders are primed and should require minimal prep before final paint.
  4. This is a testament in a thread on another site about my fathers reputation in the Packard restoration space... http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=21359&forum=16
  5. Thank you for the referral @Ozstatman! I believe the gentleman who posted the comment is Ross Miller, a fellow Packard guru with my Dad. http://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=21359&forum=16
  6. Thank you @John_S_in_Penna for your very kind words regarding my dad. He indeed had a passion for Packards and understood them extremely well. He also enjoyed writing for publications such as the AACA magazines and sharing his knowledge.
  7. Thank you @Marty Roth I appreciate the clarification as I was not aware that the one sold at Hershey was a 533 model. It really didn't clearly state that in any of the materials that I read, so I will take your word for it. I appreciate the input and clarification. Yes, the reserve was much higher on BAT as you can probably figure out from my asking price here. Hope this helps.
  8. Great idea. Will do later today. Got to get my son graduated today! Added on 12/15.
  9. Thank you @auburnseeker. My dad restored several national prize winners and did almost all of the work himself with the exception of the chrome work and the upholstery. His 1928 Packard 526 Roadster is also for sale on this site which won its Junior and Senior awards after his restoration.
  10. 1931 Packard Series 826 Six 5-passenger sedan. 8 Cylinder. Body-off restoration began 1983, climate control storage since. 100% parts complete. 75% re-assembly complete. Repaint dark green & black, grey cloth upholstery. Engine 100% done. Chrome, dash, wiring complete. Final needs: fender paint/install, upholstery finished. Remaining parts categorized. Car is in Pennsylvania. Pete 407-474-6378 PeteEnglish11@gmail.com (Florida) Asking $23500. The spare tires are of the sidemount variety. Pictures of the fenders attached. They are primed and should requ
  11. This 1928 Packard Series 526 Six 2/4-Passenger Runabout was purchased by my grandfather in 1961 and owned my father before I inherited the car in 2015. The car is powered by a 288ci inline-six paired with a 3-speed manual transmission and was refurbished by the family between 1980 and 1983 with a repaint in cream, new caramel leather upholstery, mechanical overhauls, and more. Additional equipment includes a tan soft top, rumble seat, dual side-mount spares, and factory-optional cowl lights. Maintenance during my ownership has consisted of a recored radiator, new batt
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